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  • Excavators

  • Evans & Reid - Model Mectrac - Rubber Tracks

    Evans & Reid - Model Mectrac - Rubber Tracks

    “Mectrac” rubber tracks are sourced from a single supplier manufacturing solely for us in the UK, allowing us to dictate the level of quality expected. Our manufacturing process employs the latest moulding technologies and utilises endless wire technology, producing durable products, with long life’s.

  • Excavators - Buckets

  • Digging and Ditching Buckets

    Digging and Ditching Buckets

    Evans & Reid design and manufacture buckets to the highest standards for excavators from 0.5 to 35 Tonnes at our factory in Wales. We offer a full bespoke service as well as our standard range, so if you require a bucket for a specific purpose our design department can help, just give them a call on 01639 630587. We also manufacture Buckets for Telescopic Handlers and Skid steer Loaders (Click to see details). Generous discounts for bulk...

  • Agricultural - Special Attachments

  • Tipping Skips

    Tipping Skips

    High quaility pallet fork mounted skip with full four way fork entry. Overall length – 1.76 m (5′9″). Overall width – 1.27 m (4′2″). Overall height – 1.22 m (4′). Weight – 280 kg. Capacity – 1.1 m³ (39 CU/ft).

  • Excavators - Steel Tracks

  • Evans & Reid - Steel Track Groups & Chains

    Evans & Reid - Steel Track Groups & Chains

    MEC tracks are manufactured using latest forging technologies to provide a highly durable chain to ensure long life. Available from stock for all Mini Excavators:  1 to 8 tonne operating weight. Track pitches:  90mm – 101.6mm – 135mm – 140mm – 154mm Pad widths: 230mm – 300mm – 350mm – 40mm – 450mm – 550mm – 60mm In addition Tracks Pads up to 800mm wide are stocked.

  • Bolt on Rubber Pads

    Bolt on Rubber Pads

    Robust solution for using steel tracks on paved or vulnerable surfaces can be removed when not required. Pads are bolted through holes in the steel pad of the steel track and are manufactured from complex compounds of rubber to give high abrasive wear resistance and durability.

  • City Pad Tracks

    City Pad Tracks

    Rubber pads bolt directly onto the track chain on 4 to 8 tonne excavators. On smaller machines the pad bolts onto a mounting pad welded onto the track chain.

  • Clip on Rubber Pads

    Clip on Rubber Pads

    These rubber pads are held onto the steel track by a clip on either end of the pad. The most flexible way to convert steel tracked machines to rubber if the steel pads have not been drilled for bolt on rubber pads. Available for excavators from 2.5 to 22 tonnes, and at widths from 300 to 800 mm.