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  • Installation Services

    Installation Services

    Complete Assembly of Spark Extinguishing Systems; Assembly and installation of your GreCon spark extinguishing system from one source. As an installation company approved by VdS we offer you professional service right from the beginning. We look after the material logistics and execution of all necessary activities and work. In this way you are already on the safe side with the assembly of your GreCon spark extinguishing system.

  • Assembly Management Services

    Assembly Management Services

    Assembly - Assembly Management with the experience and the specialised knowledge of our technicians and engineers. We mount your GreCon systems and discuss together with you the necessary work to be performed by the customer to ensure a smooth commissioning. We then mount your GreCon system hand in hand with your on-site specialists. If requested, in particular for large-scale systems, the GreCon engineer can assume the assembly supervision and direct...

  • Commissioning Service

    Commissioning Service

    You are given the greatest security in preventive fire protection and reliable measuring results with GreCon measuring systems through the comprehensive expertise and the competence of our quali­fied service technicians. They check any services possibly rendered by the customer, provide for an optimum parameterisation and accompany you in the course of instruction in the first steps with your GreCon system - so that everything goes the way...

  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    System availability permanent and plannable. To prevent failures, the GreCon maintenance team will help you to maintain your GreCon systems in optimum condition. At agreed intervals, our specialists provide for optimum and reliable function of your GreCon systems. Unforeseen disturbances are avoided, costs reduced, production reliability increased

  • Inspections Services

    Inspections Services

    Requirements on the production process do not always allow regular preventive maintenance. For the best possible preparation of unscheduled maintenance or repair measures, the GreCon service offers an inspection of the system. Here the spare part, staff and time requirement can be determined and consequently further measures can be optimally prepared. This enables quick, effective maintenance or repair while maintaining the lowest influence on...