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  • Model PAF II - Low NOx Burners

    Model PAF II - Low NOx Burners

    With its unique air mixing technique, the Forney PAF-II Low NOx Burner reduces NOx formation in a simple yet effective manner. The PAF-II Low NOx burner produces low NOx emissions through the dynamic interaction of the flame, combustion air and furnace combustion products. The foundation of the PAF-II design is the injection of a high velocity air stream around an inner core of low velocity air that both stages the air but also recirculates the...

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  • Forney - Model IDD-II Series - Flame Detector

    Forney - Model IDD-II Series - Flame Detector

    The Forney IDD is the most widely used flame detector system in the USA utility market because of its rugged reliability and many years of service. The combination of a compact detector head connected to a remote, highly tunable amplifier provides the operational flexibility that most utilities need. Forney’s IDD-II Series Flame Detector meets the operational flexibility requirements of utilities through multiple flame detecting and...

  • Forney - Model HD - Flame Detector

    Forney - Model HD - Flame Detector

    Forney’s HD Flame Detector is the best available flame detector for the Power Generation, Petrochemical and Industrial markets. It provides the highest level of flame discrimination in multi-burner applications with an easy to use interface on a mobile app.