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  • Regulatory Support

  • Health, Safety, Environmental Services

    Health, Safety, Environmental Services

    HSE consulting calls for a comprehensive approach to a wide range of strategic problems and situations. Freer Consulting Co. employs a staff trained in a number of disciplines—stormwater pollution prevention, industrial safety, transportation/HAZMAT, etc. Our attention to detail enables us to offer complete HSE operational packages to our clients, ensuring their ability to comply with OSHA, WISHA, EPA, Ecology or other governmental agencies.

  • Waste Water Management Services

    Waste Water Management Services

    Freer Consulting Co. environmental experts provide an exhaustive scope of waste water treatment deliverables, including baseline assessments that take into account all regulatory aspects your entity faces, engineering diligence to assess a current wastewater system or design of new a one, as well as implementation of a new design system with comprehensive program management skill.  Effluent limitations are a risk Freer mitigates using a...

  • Operations & Maintenance Services

    Operations & Maintenance Services

    In today’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) market the list of responsibilities can be a daunting, risk-laden network of environmental, preventative maintenance and reporting needs and requirements. Power, chemical, and fertilizer plant operators face a vast array of regulatory, mechanical, and worker safety hurdles in order to maintain a world class operation.FCC can assist or in appropriate situations lead O&M initiatives with its...

  • Sustainability

  • Environmental Analysis Services

    Environmental Analysis Services

    Freer Consulting Co. brings an established consulting practice in such areas as waste-water, ground-water, land use, air-emissions, hazardous materials, and transportation to the market.  Freer differentiates itself by combining its experience in environmental analysis with strong industrial process background to evaluate a specific entity’s current sustainability position and its future...

  • Sustainability Action Plans Services

    Sustainability Action Plans Services

    Realizing a sustainability program that evolves with your organization’s business is a core competency at Freer Consulting Co.  Our plans are customized for each unique business unit.  A well conceived Plan is one that not only fits inside the current framework of your company, but can also seamlessly adapt to future growth plans.

  • Consulting Services

  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Freer Consulting Co. offers consulting services in a wide range of business and service disciplines, with the client's long-term interests and satisfaction as a paramount goal at all times. Whether the challenge is to map out a comprehensive internal business management system or to conduct field services such as wastewater sampling or risk management compliance, the company can call upon a powerful team of qualified experts, either from in-house...

  • Business Services

    Business Services

    Business Management System (BMS) is a comprehensive approach to analyzing  current business processes, making those processes more efficient and effective, streamlining processes throughout the business, and continuously improving those processes. Freer Consulting Co. offers a group of experienced personnel  that also implement these practices, working with individuals at all levels of the company to make the transition.

  • Field Services

    Field Services

    State and Local Agencies must consider the likely environmental consequences  of a proposal before approving or denying it. Freer Consulting Co. is experienced in performing SEPAs for clients and following through with any SEPA checklists that may be developed by the appropriate agencies.

  • Program Management Services

    Program Management Services

    Freer Consulting Co. frequently works with other firms and vendors in collaborative and subcontract capacities.  Freer Consulting Co. will help develop the bids, identify the appropriate sources of support, and manage any outside services required to bring the right mix of resources to projects with diverse needs.

  • Risk Management Services

    Risk Management Services

    Our management systems and tools provide a platform to manage business processes and compliance through Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

  • Due Diligence Services

    Due Diligence Services

    Freer Consulting Company offers a full suite of assessment, investigative and advisory processes for due diligence.   Freer Consulting’s professional team stringently reviews critical structural, procedural, operational and environmental aspects for merger and/or acquisition transactions either in private equity or public settings.  Freer also can implement vetted, proprietary software to assist with its own internal checklists in...