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  • Testing & Instrumentation

  • Construction Materials Testing - Field Services

    Construction Materials Testing - Field Services

    Imagine this:  You’ve got a big earthworks site to manage and on top of a whole range of other tasks, you’re also responsible for organising the quality control testing.  Good thing we understand the scope of large projects and the pressures that go with them. Our team are trained to take care of this part of your project for you, by either managing the testing from our offices or setting up on-site testing...

  • Construction Materials Laboratory Testing Services

    Construction Materials Laboratory Testing Services

    Geotechnical and Civil materials testing is an art, a skill and a science; and Civil Engineering laboratory testing is in our DNA. We started almost 60 years ago testing materials on the Auckland Harbour Bridge and we’ve been doing it ever since. If you need accurate results that you can trust, then Geotechnics is your only choice - we have the best people, with unparalleled experience.

  • Geophysics Services

    Geophysics Services

    One word - Safety. The Health & Safety of our people and the people we work for and work with, is the most important thing in our business. We want our people and your people, to go home at night; back to their families, safe and sound - just like the TV ad. Not only that, underground services are complex and people’s lives can depend on them, it is therefore paramount they are protected. That’s why here at Geotechnics, we...

  • Geotechnical Instruments Monitoring Services

    Geotechnical Instruments Monitoring Services

    Just putting geotechnical monitoring instruments in the ground is easy…but installing the correct geotechnical instrumentation, in the right places, to monitor the right activity and produce the right data...isn’t. We’ve been doing this for longer than anybody else in New Zealand and we’ve got the best team to do it. These guys are like the Big Bang Theory equivalent of Instrumentation. Clever, always thinking ahead and...

  • Pavement Testing Services

    Pavement Testing Services

    Our team is your one stop shop for pavement testing, ensuring you get the data you require. We also provide in-house Traffic Control and Underground Services Clearance options so you don't have to, allowing you to focus on your projects, while we get the testing done.

  • Site Investigation Services

    Site Investigation Services

    You’ve heard it all before – Geology Rocks! And our geologists and technicians love rocks! Save time and cost by getting our guys to do the investigations for you. They will turn the reporting around quickly which allows you to do your work for your client. We’ve been doing this stuff for a long time, we’ve got all the right tools and people, so why not let us take care of it for you?

  • Specialist Services

    Specialist Services

    Some jobs require extra special attention and we love the challenge of new and interesting work. We have introduced a number of new technologies to the New Zealand market and are constantly on the outlook for innovative tools and techniques to help you gain competitive advantage and overcome challenges.