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  • Industrial Mesh

  • Heddle Atlas - Model 5 - High Flow Rate Filtration Meshes

    Heddle Atlas - Model 5 - High Flow Rate Filtration Meshes

    Filtration meshes with 5-heddle atlas weave combine high flow rates with mechanical stability. With their smooth top surface, these further improved wire meshes/metal fabrics ensure a particularly even layer formation of the filter cake. The filter cake is also easy to remove. The surface of the mesh body is rough on the back. Thanks to the special weave, filter media can be very effectively cleaned. TELA meshes have proven particularly successful in...

  • Drum Filter Screens

    Drum Filter Screens

    The filtration mesh on a rotary drum filter determines filtration of the overall system. These filtration or wire mesh screens must be matched to the respective application and the basic design of the filter being used.

  • Dutch Twilled Weave

    Dutch Twilled Weave

    Twilled dutch weave is a particularly robust mesh in relation to its fineness, which makes it ideally suited to heavy-duty filtration tasks. These properties are realized through the high material density of this lightproof metal fabric. The density is provided by a twilled weave (2/2) with a small number of thick warp wires and significantly more weft wires. Due to the complex manufacturing process, production of this mesh takes longer than that of...

  • Metal Mesh Based Filter Cartridges

    Metal Mesh Based Filter Cartridges

    Metal mesh-based filter cartridges are produced in a wide range of variants regarding their mechanical dimension, compressive strength and retention rate. The optimum filtration mesh is selected on the basis of the respective process requirements. Mechanical dimensions and compressive strengths are defined on the basis of existing filter systems. Filter cartridges can also be produced as backwashable elements. Filtration meshes and cartridge designs...

  • Filter Discs

    Filter Discs

    Filter discs are generally used as filter elements in static filters or in centrifugal filters. They are made of prefabricated mesh discs, which are attached to the plates used by the respective filtration unit. These designs generally employ a combination of internal drainage mesh and exterior filtration meshes. Models for static filters in particular are housed in frames, allowing filtration from both sides. GKD offers filter discs complete with the...

  • Centrifuge Baskets

    Centrifuge Baskets

    The rotating filter inserts in centrifuges are equipped with stainless steel filtration mesh, which is where the solid-liquid separation takes place. The centrifuge baskets are either fitted with quick-release stainless steel replacement mesh or permanently installed media. GKD offers matching filtration meshes to outfit the baskets, perfectly fitting spare parts for installation on site, and rescreening of baskets. With easily removed conical screen...

  • Centrifuge Screens

    Centrifuge Screens

    Centrifuge screens from GKD are based on PZ Microdur weaves or KPZ Microdur weaves. Due to their structure, these wire meshes offer high strength in the circumferential direction and thereby ensure a long service life. Our YMAX mesh has been designed to handle extremely high mechanical loads and fine retention rates. The centrifuge screens are all manufactured precisely to the requisite dimensions. Corresponding welding technologies secure the edges...

  • Filter Plates

    Filter Plates

    Filter systems with large filtration areas employ flat elements in the form of filter plates. The vast majority of these are operated as precoat filters. GKD produces new filter plates as spare parts for these systems and also offers repairs of used filter plates. We use conventional production methods such as riveted plates, yet also employ our innovative Neverleak production technology. The required filters and supporting meshes are produced at GKD...