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Global Environmental Engineering Services

  • Soil, Air and Groundwater Remediation Consulting Services

    Soil, Air and Groundwater Remediation Consulting Services

    Global Environmental Engineering has implemented numerous remediation technologies.  We specialize in evaluating the most cost effective and efficient technology to remediate groundwater, soil, and air.  Global is able to work on every aspect of the remediation process from start to finish, from design specifications to operation and maintenance of the selected remedial technology.

  • Environmental Compliance Consulting Services

    Environmental Compliance Consulting Services

    Global is committed to aiding its clients in conforming to ever-changing laws, regulations, standards, and permitting. Global offers extensive Environmental Compliance Services to adequately represent the concerns of our clients within the confines of federal, state, and local requirements. Initial site assessments are available free of cost to determine which permitting and compliance regulations are required. Global’s capabilities include...

  • Environmental Investigations Consulting Services

    Environmental Investigations Consulting Services

    Global conducts environmental investigations to determine the extent of groundwater and/or soil contamination for the purpose of detailing an ongoing assessment of the contaminant plume’s condition/characteristics. Investigations provide data for additional corrective actions that may be required to address immediate impacts or threats.  Once the data has been analyzed, Global will make recommendations if further monitoring and study is...

  • Due Diligence Services

    Due Diligence Services

    Global Environmental Engineering Inc. conducts due diligence services for clients as part of pending real estate transactions, banking transactions, and property owner transfers. Services include All Appropriate Inquiry, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Investigations, and Baseline Environmental Assessments. Global has performed environmental review services for concerned individuals, banks, and government agencies.  Global...

  • Vapor Intrusion Consulting Services

    Vapor Intrusion Consulting Services

    When volatile chemicals such as solvents or petroleum products are released causing soil and groundwater contamination there is a chance that a soil gas plume will also occur. Polluted gas can then migrate into nearby buildings posing a serious health risk for occupants. This occurrence is referred to as Vapor Intrusion (VI). Since contaminated vapor is often hard to detect, occupants may be unknowingly breathing harmful levels of toxic...

  • Asbestos/Hazardous Material Inspections Services

    Asbestos/Hazardous Material Inspections Services

    Thorough inspections of buildings and facilities are completed by at least one Michigan Accredited Asbestos Inspector. Global completes on-site inspections which follow AHERA, MIOSHA, and NESHAP regulations along with the specific requirements of the client. Global provides all personnel, equipment, and materials necessary to complete the inspection in an expedient and economic fashion.