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  • Climate Change Services

    Climate Change Services

     Experts say that climate change threatens potentially catastrophic consequences for our planet in the future. The drive to reduce these risks imposes consequences on your businesses now. For your business to succeed in a low-carbon economy, you must cut your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapt to the new climate change regulations.

  • Cloud Solutions Services

    Cloud Solutions Services

    As the training and performance improvement industries continue to evolve in their use of enterprise application technologies such as Talent, Human Capital, and Learning Management Systems (TMSs/HCMs/LMSs), GP Strategies remains one step ahead to guide the way. Our talent management technology expertise and private virtual cloud hosting infrastructure provides a trusted, one-stop resource as you migrate toward cloud solutions and consider the right...

  • Dealership Development Services

    Dealership Development Services

    Your business depends on great performance from your retail outlets. Through our Sandy Corporation division, GP Strategies is attuned to the unique relationship you have with your dealerships, your end-users, and the members of your organization who support them. Using our proven approach, we provide a full range of customized training and consulting services to address the needs of your:

  • Information Technology (IT) Services

    Information Technology (IT) Services

    Effective and consistent technology management is paramount, often playing a key role in your ability to be productive and competitive. Many organizations don’t have the technology expertise to streamline operations, automate processes, or implement new technologies strategically.