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  • Fresh Water Solutions

  • Bluecube - Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems

    Bluecube - Reverse Osmosis Desalination Systems

    H2O’s Bluecube watermaker systems set the standard for potable water units through efficient design and ease of use. They are crafted from materials proven through experience to offer decades of dependability in offshore service, utilize fully-automated one button control systems, and use industry-standard filter sizes for worldwide availability.

  • H2O - Potable Water Storage Skids System

    H2O - Potable Water Storage Skids System

    Available in a large array of sizes and capacities, our storage skids are crafted from industry-leading materials and designed to withstand the toughest of locations. They are available ABS and DNV-certified while meeting all ASTM and API 12P standards. Tanks can be supplied with hold down lugs that meet all topsides motions, lifiting and loading requirements. Built to meet your unique specifications, we additionally offer customized...

  • H2O - Pressure Sets

    H2O - Pressure Sets

    Designed to meet project specifications or delivered as standard units, our pressure sets are available in a wide range of flows and pressures. Plumbing is offered in a variety of quality materials including galvanized steel, stainless and CPVC.  Pump options include ANSI B73.1, API 610 and Multistage Vertical Styles. H2O offers a number of options for hydro-pneumatic tanks, tank-less designs, filtration systems, control, and...

  • Wastewater Solutions

  • Crapzapper - Biological Sewage Treatment Plants

    Crapzapper - Biological Sewage Treatment Plants

    Our Crapzapper marine sanitation devices use biological treatment to deliver reliable, proven performance that meets or exceeds industry standards. Manufactured for decades of dependable service, Crapzappers, designed by OWENS® Wastewater division, require little maintenance and are easily installed in any area. These marine sanitation units deliver a tough, reliable solution to sewage treatment for crews...

  • H2O - Grease Traps

    H2O - Grease Traps

    Our compact grease interceptors prevent fats and solids from entering the plumbing and sewage treatment device.  These passive systems have no moving parts to break or clog and are virtually maintenance free. We also offer automatic systems that skim oils and greases to a separate chamber for easy disposal. 

  • H2O - Lift Station

    H2O - Lift Station

    Our lift stations are the most reliable, compact sewage grinder packages available. The systems arrive fully assembled in a heavy duty polyethelyne basin with cover. The patented cutter technology easily shreds rags, towels and feminie products that can jam lesser pumps. Pumps are 115V or 230V single phase and are also available for Class 1, Division 1 Groups C&D and Class 1 Zone 1 group IIA and IIB certified. A bronze impeller is available for...

  • H2O - Macerator Pump

    H2O - Macerator Pump

    Also known as a cutter pump, or a solids handling pump, our vacuum macerator pump uses the principle of differential air pressure to transport sewage from the toilet, macerate it into tiny particles and pump it to our sewage treatment unit or holding tank.

  • Biofouling Control Solutions

  • Pepcon - Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

    Pepcon - Sodium Hypochlorite Generators

    The PEPCON Chlormaster electrochlorination systems are fully automated units manufactured to comply with your unique specifications, applications, and globally recognized standards. Electrochlorination is the process of producing a non-hazardous chlorine equivalent by the electrolysis of a brine/seawater solution to form a sodium hypochlorite solution. Sodium hypochlorite is an industry-standard oxidizing agent for an extensive list of...

  • H2O - Biofouling Monitoring System

    H2O - Biofouling Monitoring System

    On all applications, we recommend a monitoring system that continuously gauges the effectiveness of the applied biofouling control regime. H2O BFS offers the most advanced biofouling monitor system on the market: the H2O Biovision Monitor™, a proprietary biofouling detection technology. The monitor should be installed as a bypass at a critical spot in the (cooling) water system (e.g., in front of the condenser or heat exchangers).

  • Formula 101 Bacteria

    Formula 101 Bacteria

    5 lb pail, designer bacteria ensures process reliability. Digests proteins, starches, carbohydrates and vegetable deposits. Recommend 2 oz (1 scoop) per week for 500 gallons per day unit.

  • Formula 102 Enhancer & Odor Control

    Formula 102 Enhancer & Odor Control

    Liquid enzyme treatment to enhance bacteria performance. Also, provides odor control with fresh scent. (This product replaces Formula 101 Enhancer).

  • Sewage Treatement Tabs

    Sewage Treatement Tabs

    Sewage Treatement Tabs (Calcium Hypochlorite)(Pack of 5)(Ships non hazmat(HUGE SAVINGS) (CZ-CLTB2.2-5). 5 Pack of our convenient 2 pound pouches.  These ship non hazmat saving you an average of $50.00 in hazmat shipping charges.  Ships ups ground.

Products by H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V.

  • WaterTop

  • H2O - Cooling Water Biofouling Control - Water Treatment Optimisation Plan

    H2O - Cooling Water Biofouling Control - Water Treatment Optimisation Plan

    Based on more than 20 years of worldwide experience, H2O Biofouling Solutions B.V. can offer you Watertop. This Water Treatment Optimization Program takes plant-specific water conditions (such as the material of construction, local fauna, water composition, temperature, etc.) into account to establish an optimal water treatment procedure. H2O Biofouling Solutions can evaluate the effectiveness of water conditioning programs (against microfouling,...

  • Ecodosing

  • H2O Ecodosing - Biocide Dosing Control

    H2O Ecodosing - Biocide Dosing Control

    prevent biofouling issues, H2O developed the EcodosingTM methodology. The Ecodosing method results in a dosing procedure which is tailored to the specific local requirements to prevent biofouling settlement and growth. This will reduce the overall chemical dosing up to 50% which results in significant O&M cost benefits. In addition, since Ecodosing requires less biocide and guarantees effective control of biofouling, its use can result in a significant...

  • Biocide Dosing System Design

  • H2O - Biocide Dosing System

    H2O - Biocide Dosing System

    To guarantee an efficient biofouling control from a dosing point onwards it is crucial to expose all the intake and water system surfaces to the dosed biocide products. H2O designs and engineers biocide dosing systems to achieve an optimal dispersion and effectiveness from dosing system onwards. This is part of the services we can provide with Ecodosing.

  • Biofouling (Generating) Control Products

  • H2O - Model BFS - Biofouling Control Products

    H2O - Model BFS - Biofouling Control Products

    H2O Biofouling Solutions is capable to provide the required product to control biofouling. The choice of product depends on local site-specific conditions and specifications. Our Ecodosing and Watertop programs can assist the client to make the correct choice of biofouling control product for their system (heat exchanger; biofouling control; condenser biofouling control; etc). The required capacity of the generation system is tailored according to our...

  • H2O - Electrochlorination System

    H2O - Electrochlorination System

    H2O can provide electrochlorination systems. Our partners had build up a long reference list of worldwide instralled installations. The range of Electrolyzers are designed for low-maintenance Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) production for on and offshore application.We can also be supplied for non-hazardous and hazardous. The systems can be supplied for installation in both classified and unclassified areas installation. The are fully automated units...

  • H2O - Brine Based Electrochlorination Packages

    H2O - Brine Based Electrochlorination Packages

    H2O provides brine based electrochlorination packages. A Brine System is the description given to an Electrochlorination Package that instead of using seawater for an electrolyte the electrolyte is manufactured on site from salt and town water utilities.

  • H2O - Chlorine Dioxide Technology - Chlorination Technology - Biofilm Control

    H2O - Chlorine Dioxide Technology - Chlorination Technology - Biofilm Control

    Chlorine dioxide(ClO2) is a technology which has been historically applied at large scale (recirculation) cooling water systems. Additionally, chlorine dioxide generators are being increasingly used as an alternative to chlorine generators in water treatment/disinfection processes, as they release lower quantities of toxic impurities into the atmosphere as compared to conventional chlorine based generators and hence also require lower dosing numbers....

  • BioBullets - Encapsulated Biofouling Control

    BioBullets - Encapsulated Biofouling Control

    The unique patented product, the ‘Biobullet’, were developed by leading scientist at Cambridge University. The products are optimally engineered to remove costly biofoulers from industrial infrastructure, thereby increasing the efficiency and lifespan of industrial plants and their component parts.

  • Biomonitoring Tools

  • H2O - Biofouling Monitor

    H2O - Biofouling Monitor

    H2O Biofouling Solutions has developed a monitor called the Biovision Monitor which can be installed at a critical spot in the service water system, e.g. in front of the heat exchangers. The monitor contains five fouling coupons and can be connected as a bypass to the water system. The monitor is designed to create a range of water flows and turbulences along with the fouling coupons which cover the flow range and turbulences normally occur within a...

  • Screening and Filters

  • H2O Biofouling Solutions - Water Screening and Filters

    H2O Biofouling Solutions - Water Screening and Filters

    For specific water screening and filtration related topics H2O BFS works together with its partner company SEE Pty Ltd. With more than 30+ years experience in intake screening and filtering systems, SEE Pty Ltd provides advice and support for optimal design. For type selection and sizing, careful consideration will be given to water velocities, local tidal conditions, local sea life, likely debris loadings, environmental conditions and regulations.

  • Fish and Mammal Deterrent Systems