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  • HILCO Lab Services

    HILCO Laboratory Services provide a full suite of rigorous world-class test capabilities to support industrial filtration and fluids analysis. Our Laboratory Services are used in product development, evaluating potential customer problems or needs, and competitor performance. Our laboratory houses uncommon testing systems such high flow rate systems, low pressure tests, collapse integrity tests, water test stands, multi-pass testing stands and static discharge testing stands. HILCO Laborator

  • Filter Cartridge Testing Service

    Filter Cartridge Testing Service

    The HILCO lab performs a vast array of tests that include analyzing industrial fluids, filter cartridge and filtration equipment component’s, filter cartridge and filtration equipment performance. The testing performed is used in product development, evaluating potential customer problems/needs and competitor performance.

  • Fluid Sample Analysis Services

    Fluid Sample Analysis Services

    Hilliard’s fluid sample analysis tests are used to evaluate a fluids condition, the types and quantity of the contaminants and the physical properties of the fluid.  Knowing the fluids application, contaminants and levels along with the fluids physical properties then a corrective action can be taken to restore the fluid to like new condition.

  • Hilliard - Service & Support

    Hilliard - Service & Support

    Continual growth and innovation in motion control and filtration systems. At Hilliard, we not only provide the best, most customized solution for your needs, we also provide support and services that exceed expectations. By responding quickly and flexibly to all of your requirements, we demonstrate that we are not only interested in your application, we are interested in your success. Our services include commissioning, start ups, annual inspections,...