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  • Gas Treatment

    Gasses from Landfill, Biogas, Mine Gas and other industrial sources are often of a quality which requires further treatment prior to utilisation. This can be the removal of undesired chemical com

  • H2S Removal Services

    H2S Removal Services

    Hydrogen sulphide is a by-product in biological processes and corrosive in the presence of water. When H2S is combusted Sulphurous and Sulphuric Acid may be formed which causes major corrosion problems in engines. Hofstetter provides solutions to reduce H2S in the gas to levels which meets the specification of the engine manufacturers. The technology applied is gas washing in vertical gas washers and adsorption.

  • Gas Compression Services

    Gas Compression Services

    Hofstetter utilises multistage radial blowers and roots blowers for the increase of the gas pressure to the required level. The lowest energy consumption is achieved by a good design of the blower and the use of frequency converters.