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  • Bioaerosols Assessment and Control

    Bioaerosols Assessment and Control

    We use indoor air and surface sampling to help determine the level of biological particles present in your environment. These contaminants can cause irritation or adverse short or long term health problems. Tests can locate the sources of indoor microorganisms to facilitate effective remediation.

  • Agar Impaction Sampling

    Agar Impaction Sampling

    Culturable sampling is one of the most common methods of volumetric air analyses. The sampling device works by drawing a measured volume of air through an instrument that contains a petri dish containing a culture medium. Spores that impact onto the plate are then allowed to incubate and grow; after which the colonies may be counted and identified.

  • Mold Remediation Services

    Mold Remediation Services

    IAQ's vast experience, expert resources and unrivalled track record in this complex area brings you all the advantages of a one-stop shop. We are the market leaders in environmental assessment, source control and eradication. IAQ provides solutions at the cutting edge of this evolving science!