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  • Standard Components

  • Rotary Material Separator

    Rotary Material Separator

    The rotary separator replaces much bulkier cyclone or static screen separators. The design consists of a large diameter rotary valve coupled with a specially engineered heavy duty perforated screen combined within a single enclosure.

  • Trim Cutter

    Trim Cutter

    The trim cutter is a compact and versatile precision cutting unit. The trim cutter unit is designed to offer precision cutting of a wide range of continuous materials. It enables continuous web manufacturers, slitters and converters to remove edge trim from production. It can cut cleanly through very thick materials like carpet edge trim.At the other end of the scale it can deal with extremely tough plastic film, foils, fabrics, filaments and...

  • Reverse Jet Filter

    Reverse Jet Filter

    The tubular bag reverse jet filter is designed to provide high quality filtration of the conveying air, providing continuous operation. Dust is efficiently removed from the conveying air using anti-static polyester needle felt tubular bags. An electronic sequence controller initiates a pulse of compressed air which momentarily reverses the flow of air through the filter bag to release the dust into the discharge hopper below.Optional pressure driven...

  • Recycling Solutions

  • Glass Cleaning System

    Glass Cleaning System

    The Impact glass cleaning system is a valuable addition to any recycling process, improving the resale value of your glass by removing light weight fibres and debris from the material stream. The glass cleaning system can be installed at a conveyor junction and is typically applied to clean the unwanted paper shred and debris from the 10- 50mm material stream. The contaminated material discharges the feed conveyor into a cascade enclosure where the...

  • Packaged Products

  • Impact - Matrix Master

    Impact - Matrix Master

    The Impact Matrix Master offers a flexible mobile solution to your waste matrix needs without having to install a central waste system.Designed to handle sticky matrix / lattice waste and edge trims from the label production process, this versatile mobile unit incorporates design cues from our tried and tested central matrix extraction systems. Neatly packaged inside an acoustic enclosure, the precision model 78 series trim cutter, waste fan, material...

  • Ancillary Products

  • Acoustic Insulation System

    Acoustic Insulation System

    With today's stringent noise regulations becoming even more demanding, we can offer a range of acoustic solutions for your waste extraction plant.

  • Briquetter Systems

    Briquetter Systems

    The Impact dust briquetter unit is designed to compress loose dust into high quality pellets or briquettes and is ideal for use in conjunction with the Impact range of dust filters.Designed to substantially reduce the volume of nuisance dust collected via dust filtration, this extremely versatile unit can be easily integrated into the system design allowing volume reduction levels of 20:1. No longer is it necessary to manually handle large sacks of...

  • Extraction Solutions

  • Impact - Trim Extraction Systems

    Impact - Trim Extraction Systems

    Impact Air Systems have been providing trim collection systems since the early 1980’s and have provided solutions to remove waste materials from production processes in a wide variety of industries.

  • Impact - Slitter Knife Dust Capture Hood

    Impact - Slitter Knife Dust Capture Hood

    Impact Air Systems announce exciting new developments in “Slitter knife dust extraction” technology. This new approach combining high velocity air flow design and electrode eliminating electrostatic charge techniques, results in impressive dust particle removal compared to conventional dust removal hoods.

  • Impact - Trim Master Bagging Unit

    Impact - Trim Master Bagging Unit

    A simple trim and dust extraction unit that automatically removes and collects waste at high speed from production machinery. The design consists of a waste handling fan coupled with a specially engineered heavy duty waste and dust collection unit. The waste conveying fan incorporates the same robust engineering used in our larger complete factory waste extraction systems.

  • Separation Solutions

  • Impact  - Zig-Zag Density Separation System

    Impact - Zig-Zag Density Separation System

    The Impact Zig-Zag separation system is a fully adjustable cascade cleaning solution, suitable for most recycling facilities, designed to efficiently remove lightweight debris from the material stream.

  • Impact - Model ZCU - Zigzag Classification Unit

    Impact - Model ZCU - Zigzag Classification Unit

    We are extremely satisfied with the results from Impact’s Zigzag Classification Unit. Having previously tried other technologies, the Impact ZCU exceeded our expectations and we can now supply our WTE plant with a consistent product” - Neil Fryer, Robert Hopkins Environmental Services Ltd.