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  • Environmental

  • Asset & Compliance Tracking System

    Asset & Compliance Tracking System

    The Intelex Asset & Compliance Tracking System (ACTS) is a comprehensive environmental management information system designed to manage all of your environmental, GHG emissions, regulatory compliance and health and safety requirements from a single, easy to use online platform.

  • Permits Management Software

    Permits Management Software

    Ensure permit requirements never fall through the cracks with simplified tracking of dates and tasks. Intelex Permits Management software acts as a central, user-friendly database for organizations to manage, track and report on all permits and their data, from required activities to renewal dates.

  • Legal & Other Requirements Management Software

    Legal & Other Requirements Management Software

    Streamline management of key business and legal requirements to achieve worry-free compliance. Intelex Legal & Other Requirements software empowers you to ensure sustained compliance by tracking all activities, documents and data associated with the legislative and corporate requirements required of your business.

  • Environmental Aspects & Impacts Management Software

    Environmental Aspects & Impacts Management Software

    Easily manage your organization's significant environmental aspects and impacts for ISO 14001. Intelex Environmental Aspects & Impacts Management software makes it easy to exceed ISO 14001 requirements, enabling organizations to identify, rank and track significant environmental aspects and impacts.

  • Environmental Incidents Management Software

    Environmental Incidents Management Software

    Simplify environmental incident reporting and compliance requirements within a user-friendly system. Intelex Environmental Incidents Management software makes it easy to standardize and streamline reporting activities while exceeding environmental management requirements such as those set forth in ISO 14001.

  • Emergency Response Management Software

    Emergency Response Management Software

    Ensure emergency preparedness in the event of environmental incidents and align corporate goals. Intelex Emergency Response software allows you to schedule, notify and archive emergency response tests and situations to ensure corporate preparedness and compliance.

  • Environmental Objectives & Targets Management Software

    Environmental Objectives & Targets Management Software

    Manage progress towards your environmental objectives and targets in a secure, user-friendly system. Intelex Environmental Objectives and Targets software simplifies the objectives and targets identification process, providing automated results tracking and meeting ISO 14001 requirements.

  • Environmental Policy Management Software

    Environmental Policy Management Software

    Easily access, track and communicate environmental policies for simplified compliance. Intelex Environmental Policy Management software supports the visibility of your organization's environmental policies and simplifies compliance with standards such as ISO 14001.

  • Notice of Violation Management Software

    Notice of Violation Management Software

    Ensure the quickest, most effective response to any Notices of Violation your business may receive. Intelex Notice of Violation software automates the reporting and tracking process for Notices of Violation and associated corrective actions, facilitating the fastest route back to compliance.

  • Sustainability Performance Indicators Software

    Sustainability Performance Indicators Software

    Gain the insights needed to advance sustainable performance across your entire organization. Intelex Sustainability Performance Indicators empowers you to track, report and analyze sustainability data organization-wide to proactively identify opportunities and risk.

  • Applicability Analysis Software

    Applicability Analysis Software

    Stay up to date on which standards and regulations your organization must comply with quickly and easily. Intelex Applicability Analysis software helps organizations stay ahead of the ever changing world of regulatory compliance.

  • Compliance Tracking Software

    Compliance Tracking Software

    Ensure your compliance efforts are current and up to date with the latest regulations. Intelex Regulatory Compliance Tracking software allows you to easily create tasks, monitor and audit all your regulatory compliance needs.

  • Refrigerant Management Software

    Refrigerant Management Software

    Simplify compliance with refrigerant legislation with easy tracking and reporting capabilities. Intelex Refrigerant Management software allows you to track and report on refrigerant useage, leaks, repairs and related activities, empowering you to achieve worry-free compliance.

  • Waste Management Software

    Waste Management Software

    Reduce risk with unparalleled visibility into your waste management requirements and activities. Intelex Waste Management software empowers you to easily track and report on the various stages of waste management and disposal for simplified compliance with regulations.

  • Water Quality Management Software

    Water Quality Management Software

    Save time managing water and wastewater with easy scheduling and streamlined reporting. Intelex Water Quality Management software allows you to track your sampling activities, produce region-specific discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) and ensure you are always in compliance.

  • Environmental Management System (EMS)

    Environmental Management System (EMS)

    The Intelex Environmental Management System is a 100% web-based, highly configurable solution that helps organizations collect and organize environmental data, documents and activities to ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements and management system standards.

  • Air Emissions Management

    Air Emissions Management

    The Intelex Air Emissions Management application enables users to store, track, forecast and report on multiple emission sources across individual facilities and roll-up the data to the corporate level.

  • Environmental Sustainability Metrics

    Environmental Sustainability Metrics

    The Environmental Sustainability Metrics Module enables businesses to track, analyze, and report on all sustainability data and implement short- and long-term corporate sustainability strategies with ease.

  • Health & Safety

  • Safety Management System (SMS)

    Safety Management System (SMS)

    The Intelex Safety Management System provides a flexible, web-based software solution for managing your organization's safety program from top to bottom. Easily identify risks, track and react to incidents and hazards, achieve and maintain OHSAS 18001 compliance, ensure 100% audit readiness and drive continual safety performance improvement in your organization with this user-friendly software system.

  • Standard Safety Incidents Reporting

    Standard Safety Incidents Reporting

    Intelex’s Safety Incident Reporting software allows organizations to record, track, investigate and report safety related incidents, accidents and injuries. It provides 360 degree visibility into organization-wide safety performance, facilitates accurate root cause analysis and drives completion of corrective and preventative actions.

  • EHS Incident Management

    EHS Incident Management

    Intelex's EHS Incident Management Module is a web-based software application that takes a complete life-cycle approach to managing all of the aspects and stages associated with environmental, health, and safety incidents including; internal reporting, investigating, implementing corrective actions, and external reporting.

  • Safety Meeting Management

    Safety Meeting Management

    Safety meetings are the foundation on which an effective safety management program is built. They function as a forum for defining collective objectives, disseminating information, identifying issues, and establishing next steps. The Intelex Safety Meetings Management Module operates as a central online portal for safety advocates to track meeting-related data; including minutes, policies, issues, and correctives actions.

  • Managing Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance

    Managing Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance

    Managing Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements can be a tremendous undertaking for organizations with substantial transportation and shipping fleets. To address this business need, Intelex has developed an affordable software solution designed to automate the entire DOT compliance process.

  • Local Safety Meetings

    Local Safety Meetings

    Intelex's Local Safety Meetings Management Software tracks local safety meeting occurrences, follow-up actions identified during safety meetings, and detailed information associated with each meeting.

  • Safety Hazards & Risks Assessment

    Safety Hazards & Risks Assessment

    Intelex’s Safety Hazards & Risks Assessment software facilitates the identification, scoring, ranking, and mitigation of both existing and potential safety hazards and risks throughout your organization. Ensure your organization’s safety conditions, practices and policies are under continual evaluation and in full compliance with OHSAS and OSHA regulations.

  • Safety Objectives & Targets

    Safety Objectives & Targets

    Every contemporary organization is required to be aware of workplace safety concerns. Small, mid-size, and enterprise organizations are all expected to develop clear workplace safety objectives and procedures, and integrate those initiatives across their organization to ensure the safety of their employees and community, comply with regulations, and promote their business profitability.

  • Safety Policy

    Safety Policy

    Intelex's Safety Policy Software has been specifically designed to streamline the control, tracking, and communication of all environmental, quality and safety policies.

  • Work Observations

    Work Observations

    The Intelex Work Observations Software streamlines the tracking, scheduling, and reporting of employee and crew work observations. *Note: Intelex has specific safety meetings management modules for safety meetings, local safety meetings, OH&S meetings, and corporate safety meetings.

  • Quality

  • ISO 9001 Implementation

    ISO 9001 Implementation

    What is ISO 9001? ISO 9001 is a voluntary international standard for quality management systems. The requirements for ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008 are designed to be generic in nature so that they can be applied across all industries by both the public and private sectors.

  • Quality Management System (QMS)

    Quality Management System (QMS)

    Drive continual improvement, ensure regulatory compliance and improve your bottom line without compromising product or service quality with the most complete web-based quality tracking and reporting software on the market. The Intelex Quality Management System provides a cost-effective, fully scalable software solution to help organizations ensure their quality management program runs at peak performance. Select and assemble any combination of quality...

  • Quality Nonconformances & Product Defect Tracking

    Quality Nonconformances & Product Defect Tracking

    Intelex’s Quality Nonconformances & Product Defect Tracking software application enables organizations to effectively track and react to quality nonconformances within their operations. It provides a streamlined, result driven approach to reporting and tracking quality nonconformances and driving corrective and preventive actions.

  • Supplier Management

    Supplier Management

    Intelex's web-based Supplier Management Software System takes a complete lifecycle approach to supplier relationship management (SRM). The software considers each stage of the process from the initial vendor registration and setup, to ongoing supplier performance assessment, to implementing corrective/preventive actions and measuring the success of those actions.

  • Customer Complaint Form

    Customer Complaint Form

    Intelex's Customer Complaint Management Software provides users with a central location to effectively track and manage customer complaints and all corresponding follow-up actions. In addition, this simple and effective solution enables the reporting of any standard nonconformance that may stem from a given complaint.

  • Customer Management

    Customer Management

    Intelex's Customer Management Software System addresses all of your customer management needs and enables the scheduling, tracking, and analysis of customer records. This software solution was designed to enable small, medium, and enterprise-sized organizations to easily identify, track, and evaluate nonconformances and generate appropriate management reports.

  • Quality Objectives & Targets

    Quality Objectives & Targets

    In today's highly competitive marketplace, organizations must strive to continually improve quality standards, coordinate with regulatory compliance, and integrate with goals for business profitability. The Intelex Quality Objectives & Targets Software System addresses these concerns by simplifying the objectives & targets identification process and providing automated results tracking. Intelex’s quality objectives & targets software utilizes Quality...

  • Quality Policy

    Quality Policy

    Intelex’s Quality Policy Software has been specifically designed to streamline the control, tracking and communication of an organization's quality policies.

  • Supplier Nonconformances

    Supplier Nonconformances

    Managing suppliers effectively is critical for organizations wishing to improve the quality of their own products and services. Intelex's Supplier Nonconformances Software System enables the scheduling, notification, and archiving of supplier evaluation activities and results. It enables organizations to easily access and organize supplier details such as name, number, and current performance rating. The Intelex Supplier Nonconformance System also...

  • Integrated

  • Integrated Management System (IMS)

    Integrated Management System (IMS)

    To extract real value from performance data, organizations need an accurate and comprehensive, real-time view of their business. The Intelex Integrated Management System makes achieving that view easily attainable. By integrating the environmental, quality, health & safety and business performance management systems into a central information portal, the Intelex integrated management program enables organizations to reduce duplication of effort,...

  • EHS Management System

    EHS Management System

    The Intelex EHS Management System enables organizations to surpass compliance requirements, effectively manage risks, improve operational performance, and foster a culture of corporate social responsibility. The web-based system functions as a central, organization-wide EHS portal to collect, track, and report EHS data and files in real-time. Intelex's EHS software solution is truly the most flexible and affordable web-based EHS management system on...

  • The Intelex Platform

    The Intelex Platform

    The Intelex Platform is the backbone of the entire Intelex system and the foundation for all Intelex applications. This powerful, centralized, web-based platform provides the core functionality for all components of the Intelex system.

  • Business

  • Business Performance Management System (BPM)

    Business Performance Management System (BPM)

    The Intelex Business Performance Management System (BMS) is a comprehensive software application designed to enable organizations to optimize their business performance and measure their success through real-time, corporate reporting dashboards. The system utilizes a web-based platform, which allows any employee owning security rights to access the software from anywhere in the world as long as there is a viable internet connection.

  • Document Control

    Document Control

    The Intelex Document Control System is web-based software solution that streamlines document approvals, reviews and distributions; manages revisions, retention and document elimination; and automates document-related tasks, tracking and reporting.

  • Training Management

    Training Management

    The Intelex Training Management System enables you to schedule, track and report on employee training, licensing, certifications and qualification for individual employees, contractors or workgroups. It saves you time and gives you complete, real-time visibility into the performance of your training program.

  • Audits Management

    Audits Management

    The Intelex Audits Management application enables scheduling, tracking, data collection and reporting for an unlimited number internal or external audits. Easily view and access audit details including type, scope, objective, results, and required follow-up actions, all from a centralized, web-based platform.

  • Communications Management

    Communications Management

    Effective communication is one of the key components to a successful organization. By Implementing the Intelex Communications Management System any organization can streamline its communication processes and thereby improve overall productivity.

  • License Management

    License Management

    The Intelex License Compliance Tracking System allows employee license requirements to be tracked in an easy to set up matrix. Intelex System Administrators can use the work groups concept to assign license requirements and then track critical dates and action items related to the licenses.

  • Change Management

    Change Management

    Intelex’s Management of Change application tracks all planned changes through a series of checklists, analyses and approvals to ensure your business is fully prepared to implement any operational or organizational change. This application is ideal for those subject to OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements, as well as those interested in PSM as part of a best practices management approach.

  • Management Review

    Management Review

    The Intelex Management Review System tracks corporate safety meeting occurrences, follow-up actions identified during meetings, and detailed information associated with each meeting. The software enables organizations to conveniently schedule safety meetings, send automated meeting notifications to attendees, and archive an unlimited number of meeting-related documents.

  • Monitoring & Measurement

    Monitoring & Measurement

    The Intelex Maintenance, Measuring and Monitoring application is designed to help organizations automate efforts related to scheduling and tracking maintenance, calibrations, inspections and other processes linked to equipment inventory. Users can search, sort, filter and print historical information with ease.

  • Nonconformances & Corrective / Preventive Actions

    Nonconformances & Corrective / Preventive Actions

    Intelex’s Nonconformance and Corrective/ Preventive Actions application streamlines the submission, investigation, escalation, and ongoing corrective actions associated with nonconformance reports. Users can easily to identify, monitor, and address site-specific or enterprise trends before major issues arise.

  • Operational Control

    Operational Control

    The Intelex Operational Control Software System lets you track and report operational equipment maintenance activities. The system utilizes a web-based platform, which means it’s accessible across multiple work groups, departments, and locations.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    The key to overcoming the challenge of completing multiple projects on time and on budget is effective project management. Intelex's Project Management Software System empowers organizations to manage people and processes more effectively, while streamlining the entire project management lifecycle.

  • Records Management

    Records Management

    Accurately tracking and managing corporate records is an important part of government regulatory and ISO compliance. The Intelex Records Management System is specifically designed to streamline the tracking, archiving, and referencing of environmental, quality, safety and operations records so that organizations can meet and exceed regulatory standards.

  • Training Quiz Builder

    Training Quiz Builder

    The Intelex Training Quiz Builder module enables organizations to develop and administer custom quizzes for competency testing as part of their training program. The module works in conjunction with the Intelex Document Control and Training Management modules.

  • Training Submission Form

    Training Submission Form

    The Intelex Training Submission Form notifies supervisors and training coordinators of any course completed by an employee outside of the Intelex System. As this information is received, individual employee training history records can be updated allowing for all training attendance to be tracked, not just training scheduled through the Intelex Training Management System.

  • Build Your Solution

  • Other Software

  • Incident Management Software

    Incident Management Software

    Managing incident reporting and investigation in your organization has never been easier! Intelex’s Incident Reporting Software lets you easily record, track, trend and investigate all types of incidents, near-misses and dangerous conditions.

  • Intelex - EverSync

    Intelex - EverSync

    Intelex EverSync is a user-friendly and unique approach to handling mobile situations and periods of non-connectivity, allowing you to access, input and interact with your data and your Intelex system on-the-go.