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  • Autoclave


    Digital PID controller precisely control set temp-erature within ±0.5℃ and sterilization time in min : sec. Dual LED displays present temperature and set temp ? erature or remaining time simultaneously. Stainless Steel 304 (AISI304) interior, lid and top to protect from corrosion by water and steam. Incoloy heating element, provides long life, resistant to corrosion and high temperature in repeated use.

  • Dry Block Heater

    Dry Block Heater

    Up to 150˚C, ± 0.2˚C accuracy and ± 0.2˚C uniformity. Digital PID Controller enables ± 0.1˚C resolution. Over Temperature Protection, Alarm, Timer, Auto-tuning.

  • Biohazard Safety Cabinet

    Biohazard Safety Cabinet

    Cabinet enclosure designed to maintain Class II. Clean air in the cabinet as well as keep environment. Protection from pathogenic organism such as bacteria or virus. Class II Designed for personnel, product, sample and environment protection. Various application in medical, biomedical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cell culture, tissue culture, virology and pathology applications.

  • Premium Climatic Chamber

    Premium Climatic Chamber

    Up to nine (9) instruments can be networked and controlled by one PC through RS-485 communication interface (Optional Ethernet RJ-45).

  • Cooled Incubator

    Cooled Incubator

    Excellent incubation in low temperature conditions for the applications BOD (biological oxygen demand) test, microbiology laboratories such as medical and veterinary, research and quality control examinations in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries and biotechnology.

  • Electric Muffle Furnace

    Electric Muffle Furnace

    Ideal for high temperature application up to 1200˚C for ashing organics, heat treating tools and ties, heat treating glasses and melting experiments.