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  • Strainers and Filters

  • Model TS 150/300/600/900/1500LB - T Type Strainer

    Model TS 150/300/600/900/1500LB - T Type Strainer

    This is achieved by tapering the element to make a wide fluid path adjacent to the downstream outlet where reat of flow is large, and make a narrow path for fluid which flows in the opposite direction and exits via the outlet at which flow rate is small. Thus, optimum use is made of the downstream side of the casing. Also pressure losses are smaller and the filtering cycle is larger.

  • Deep Bed Sand Filters

    Deep Bed Sand Filters

    The most efficient and unique designed filtration system for the removal of large quantities of particuate material from water are media filters. To remove debris, algae, sand, and silt from large volumes of water at low pressure loss. Service is minimal for there are nomoving parts. Back-flushing is a quick and efficient method of cleaning.

  • K-Flow - Model ABF-L - Brush Type self-Cleaning Filter

    K-Flow - Model ABF-L - Brush Type self-Cleaning Filter

    The ABF-L filter is a heavy duty filter which has built-in automatic self-cleaning feature .The filter is designed to achieve filtration in the range of 3500 micron to 200 micron. The ABF-L filter is designed for a maximum flow rate of 700 m3/h ; for a single filter unit,in standard sizes from 3” to 14” .

  • Fabricated Single Strainers

    Fabricated Single Strainers

    A range of fabricated single basket strainers designed to complement the cast simplex filters for larger pipe sizes.The welded construction allows units to be designed for any application with respect to flow, pressure, materials,design code etc.Vessel configuration and closure can be arranged to suit client preference but a range of standard designs are available as illustrated below.