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  • Biotechnology Services

    Biotechnology Services

    Biotechnology is as complex as it is essential, and almost every phase of its operation is rooted in science. As many of our clients can attest, stand-alone legal advice or technical consulting typically offer incomplete solutions and perspectives. The strong collaboration of law and science at Keller and Heckman positions us to guide our clients toward effective regulatory solutions to bring products into the market.

  • Fuels Services

    Fuels Services

    Keller and Heckman offers an integrated, cross-disciplinary team of lawyers and in-house scientists to address environmental regulatory and litigation matters confronting the fuels industry. Our lawyers assist clients facing legal requirements applicable to the development and distribution of new fuels and fuel additives; advise on chemical compliance and management issues related to hydraulic fracturing; and aggressively represent our clients in...

  • Environmental Services

    Environmental Services

    Companies must achieve continuous compliance with environmental laws or risk production delays, increased governmental oversight, private and government litigation, adverse media reports, monetary liability claims, and community outrage. Indeed, the continued success of many companies will rest in part on making environmental performance a competitive advantage through more imaginative and cost-effective pollution prevention and environmental...

  • Chemical Control Services

    Chemical Control Services

    In today's multinational corporate environment, ensuring global regulatory compliance is essential. For over 30 years, Keller and Heckman LLP has had a tradition of serving clients through an interdisciplinary staff with a combination of strong legal and scientific skills. These resources, resident in Washington, D.C., Brussels, San Francisco, and Shanghai, enable us to creatively resolve important regulatory and commercial issues...

  • Business Counseling And Transactional Practice Services

    Business Counseling And Transactional Practice Services

    Keller and Heckman's Business Counseling and Transactional Practice is committed to providing our clients with practical, cost-effective advice designed to add value to our clients' businesses. We provide a team approach using an array of business attorneys from various practice groups equipped to handle all aspects of our clients' corporate, organizational, financial and transactional needs. Our multi-practice approach allows us to serve our clients'...

  • Workplace Safety and Health Services

    Workplace Safety and Health Services

    Keller and Heckman's extensive workplace safety and health practice focuses on helping our clients to shape a legislative and regulatory environment conducive to productivity and growth, and then helping our clients to compete in that environment, both domestically and globally, to the full extent permitted by applicable law. Our efforts on behalf of a client take into account not only the immediate impact, but also the intermediate and long-term...

  • Telecommunications Services

    Telecommunications Services

    Telecommunications is a core practice area of Keller and Heckman LLP. We maintain a dynamic, full service telecommunications practice, meeting the diverse needs of our clients through expert, cost-effective service. We carefully manage our practice to ensure that our clients receive the maximum benefit of the skills and experience of our attorneys and licensing specialists. Keller and Heckman has established one of the leading practices before the...

  • Product Safety Services

    Product Safety Services

    Keller and Heckman has one of the preeminent product safety practices in the country. With its technical staff to assist, the firm counsels clients on product safety and liability issues, advocates before legislative and regulatory bodies, works with them on product safety standards, and, when needed, represents them in product liability litigation, particularly in complex cases involving chemistry and toxicity, or highly technical issues like...