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  • Wastewater Technology

  • KLAWA - Rain Storage Reservoir

    KLAWA - Rain Storage Reservoir

    Rain storage reservoirs temporarily hold back rainwater that has entered the sewers. They help to relieve the pressure on the sewer system in the event of heavy rainfall. Cleaning the reservoir basin and controlling discharge are repeatedly a source of problems. This is where KLAWA comes into its own with the KLAWA Light drainage control system and a variety of flushing and cleaning systems.

  • KLAWA - Drainage Control System

    KLAWA - Drainage Control System

    Special measuring and control equipment is used to prevent hydraulic overloads at downstream sewer constructions and at wastewater treatment systems A number of options exist that frequently contain many components so they are costly and require a lot of maintenance. But the KLAWA Light drainage control system embraces simplicity. Its simple design features three standard components: an ultrasound flow measuring device, a sealing device and a rotary...

  • KLAWA - Pumping Station

    KLAWA - Pumping Station

    Spiral pumps or wastewater pumps and their pipelines transport material at pumping stations. Technology installed at the pumping station moves the material more or less evenly to the downstream sewage plant. KLAWA has installed this equipment at many pumping stations and has a wealth of experience in this particular business.

  • KLAWA - Screening Units

    KLAWA - Screening Units

    Screening units are one of the oldest wastewater cleaning devices. Many different types have been developed and rejected over time. And today, development work continues to make progress. Grit washing plants are another technical solution for mechanical cleaning. Wastewater is treated to extract grit from the inflow and send it for recovery. Organic substances are removed from the water. Washed grit falls into the container and is then put back in the...

  • KLAWA - Biological Cleaning Aeration System

    KLAWA - Biological Cleaning Aeration System

    Biological cleaning is at the heart of a sewage plant. This is where microorganisms break down organic substances in wastewater and inorganic substances are partially oxidised. Substances are broken down by adding oxygen and mixing it through the wastewater in aeration basins. The detachable KLAWA aeration element is one tried-and-tested technical option for aeration. These elements are assembled to each customer’s specifications and we attach...

  • KLAWA - Final Sedimentation System

    KLAWA - Final Sedimentation System

    After leaving the aeration basin, biologically cleaned wastewater and activated sludge enter final sedimentation. The role of final sedimentation is to separate the activated sludge from the water. Pump technology and scraping devices return sludge deposits to the aeration basin and send them for additional sludge treatment or for waste management. We manufacture and assemble the scraper bridge and suspensions to customer specification. All components...

  • KLAWA - Pool Systems

    KLAWA - Pool Systems

    Polishing ponds or pond treatment plants are one of the oldest methods of wastewater treatment. These ponds contain wastewater that has been fully cleaned using biochemical methods. Their job is to “polish” this wastewater, for instance by filtering out more sedimentation. A distinction is made between naturally and technically aerated wastewater ponds. We always have the perfect solution ready just for you - from fixed bed reactors to jet...

  • KLAWA - Sludge Treatment Plant

    KLAWA - Sludge Treatment Plant

    Mechanical devices often remove water from sewage sludge so that it can be sent for recycling or disposal. Solid matter levels of about 25-30 % are achieved, but can go as high as around 60 % when biological dewatering is used, for instance on reed beds. A universal sludge treatment solution does not exist so tailored concepts are needed for this special task We select components from all well-known producers and suppliers. Stainless steel parts are...