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  • Sampler

  • MOSTAP - Soil Sampler

    MOSTAP - Soil Sampler

    The Monster Steek Apparaat (MOSTAP) soil sampler, roughly translated as Sample Stick Apparatus, is a 65mm diameter sampler consisting of a cone with a cutting shoe at the base (0.2m length), connected to a sample tube (1m length). The MOSTAP allows the recovery of high quality, continuous and undisturbed soil samples 1.2m in total length from discrete depths at each test location.

  • Water Sampler System

    Water Sampler System

    Lankelma’s insitu bladder pump water sampler allows for a groundwater sample to be taken using CPT equipment in as little as an hour. When compared with conventional water sampling in boreholes, our CPT push water sampler is not only faster but also cost-effective.

  • Cone Penetrometers

  • Model CPTu - Piezocone Test

    Model CPTu - Piezocone Test

    The piezocone test (CPTu) is a cone penetrometer deployed during a CPT which simultaneously measures cone tip and friction sleeve resistance, inclination and excess pore water pressure. The addition of pore water pressure measurements allows for a more reliable determination of soil stratification and soil type than standard CPT (cone tip and sleeve resistance only). This provides a better basis for interpretation in terms of mechanical soil...

  • Lubrication Module

    Lubrication Module

    This in-house development by Lankelma has proven a success in reducing the friction between the CPT rods and soil during testing in very cohesive materials. This has allowed Lankelma to push to much greater depths, avoiding the need to use more expensive and time-consuming drilling techniques.

  • Magnetometer Cone

    Magnetometer Cone

    Our magnetometer probe is utilised to detect any ferrous objects in the ground such as unexploded ordnance (UXO). By taking real time readings of the amplitude of the earth’s magnetic field (with a 1.5 m detection radius) any distortions from locally buried ferrous objects such as tanks, drums, pipes or bombs, will be detected.

  • Seismic Cone

    Seismic Cone

    The seismic cone consists of an S15 piezocone below a tri-axial accelerometer array. The Seismic Cone Penetration Test (SCPT) is carried out like a normal CPT but paused at 1m intervals to perform a seismic test. By striking a nylon block anchored to the grounds surface, a seismic shear wave is generated. The use of nylon produces a cleaner waveform in comparison to striking a traditional steel beam. For greater accuracy and reduction of noise,...

  • Full Displacement Cone Pressuremeter

    Full Displacement Cone Pressuremeter

    The full displacement pressuremeter, or pressuremeter cone, is a device designed to apply a uniform pressure to the walls of the hole by means of a flexible expanding membrane. This in-situ test measures both soil strength and stiffness parameters at strain levels as low as 0.01%. The pressuremeter is comprised of a pair of calibrated strain arms housed within an inflatable rubber membrane, cased within an expandable Chinese lantern for improved...

  • Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)

    Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)

    The Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) is designed to delineate and characterise contamination on potentially polluted sites. The probe has a raised heated plate housed behind the cone tip; the heated plate causes any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the ground to volatise so that they can pass through a semi permeable membrane, also mounted on the heated plate.

  • Video Cone

    Video Cone

    Lankelma’s video cone penetrometer with a recording camera element allows both us and our clients to get a closer look at the geology. The video cone is designed as a standard cone capable of measuring tip and friction sleeve resistance, with the addition of a camera located behind the cone. Sitting behind a sapphire window with adjustable LED lighting, this technology permits a clear view of the immediate material. With a penetration rate of...

  • Electric Conductivity Cone

    Electric Conductivity Cone

    The electric conductivity cone measures the subsoil electrical conductivity, dielectric properties and temperature with depth. This cone has applications in the identification of water content, the thickness of the zone of capillary ascent and in particular, the degree of contamination. Contamination is recognised through evaluating soils containing electrolytes (compounds which dissociate to ions in water).

  • Push-in Shear Vane

    Push-in Shear Vane

    Lankelma’s Geonor push-in shear vane was developed as a quick and cost-effective method of measuring the in-situ undrained shear strength of soft to firm clays. The vane itself is attached to the end of a series of rods, and is comprised of four blades arranged in a cruciform design. The rods advance to the specified depth and then the assembly is rotated at a constant speed. It is the turning moment, or torque, and the angular rotation that is...