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  • Site Safety Audits

    Site Safety Audits

    Legend Safety conducts plant audits, site surveys and reports. Included in these services are: noise monitoring, ergonomics analysis, job hazard analysis, mock OSHA inspections and overall plant safety analysis.

  • Disaster Preparedness, Response & Recovery

    Disaster Preparedness, Response & Recovery

    Since the turn of the century we have witnessed a disproportional increase in disasters—courtesy of Mother Nature or forces of evil. From hurricanes to terrorist attacks and from snow storms to floods, many businesses—especially in the Eastern states—have awakened to this new reality the hard way. In a contained workplace emergency the preservation of life and limb may be the only concern but in a larger scale disaster it is clear...

  • Outsourcing Safety Services

    Outsourcing Safety Services

    Emergencies at the workplace are unpredictable, whether it's an isolated incident or large scale disaster. That being the fact, you have little time to act, yet less margin for error. As an employer, you have the obligation to familiarize yourself with mandatory safety regulations; as an employee, you are exposed to hazards every day on the job.

  • Environmental Analysis Service

    Environmental Analysis Service

    Legend Safety can assist you with chemical and environmental hazards that may be present at your facility. Legend Safety can provide quality service in the following areas of environmental analysis: air, dust and environmental monitoring, plant noise monitoring, surveying in asbestos, wastewater & solid waste, soil and landscape, microbiology and radiochemistry.

  • Employee Testing Service

    Employee Testing Service

    Legend helps its clients with employee testing needs by coming down to the client’s facility to conduct these tests, including: respiratory fit testing, pulmonary functions tests, audiometric testing, etc. Research indicates that workplaces with proper hearing conservation programs have higher levels of worker productivity and lower incidence of absenteeism. OSHA requires that if an employee's hearing test (audiogram) reveals that the employee...

  • Compliance Programs Services

    Compliance Programs Services

    Ok, so you had a safety audit, your site is hazard free and you have a robust safety training program in place. Is that all?. Certainly not. Safety is a company-wide commitment and without the proper compliance infrastructure in place your training will in time prove to contributing little to safety in the workplace.

  • OSHA Citation Mitigation/Abatement Services

    OSHA Citation Mitigation/Abatement Services

    Had a recent run-in with OSHA? We at Legend Safety understand that it’s difficult to run a shop, keep up with payroll and accommodate all of OSHA’s requirements, (while others in your industry outsource to foreign countries and enjoy lax labor laws.) That is why we try hard to mitigate our client’s OSHA penalties. We believe in what we do and do it quite well.

  • AED Maintenance Services

    AED Maintenance Services

    A $25 million wrongful-death lawsuit was filed in 2005 against the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and Amtrak by a widow of a prominent scientist who died after suffering cardiac arrest on a commuter train. She claimed a delay of more than 20 minutes in bringing a defibrillator to his aid caused his death. It was settled for $3.9 million. At another incident, a man died of SCA at a major airport. When witnesses brought two separate AEDs to...