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  • Brush Cutters and Weed Cutters

  • Model SHL7-30  - Single-Drum Hydraulic Cutter Units

    Model SHL7-30 - Single-Drum Hydraulic Cutter Units

    HP requirements 60 to 150. Rubber Tires . Single-Drum Hydraulic units are designed especially for intensive brush management on shooting preserves and game ranches. They come in a wide range of drum diameters as well as various widths. These units are very rugged in design and give many years of low cost brush control.

  • Custom Equipment

  • Terrain  - Brush Crusher

    Terrain - Brush Crusher

    The All-Terrain-Brush-Crusher is the ticket to solving both short and long term fire prevention tasks previously thought unattainable. Follow a leader!! The Los Angeles County Fire Department recently took delivery of their equipment, built by Marden; 10-ton roller measuring 7 feet in diameter and 14 feet long.