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  • Treatment Wetland Design Experts

    Treatment Wetland Design Experts

    Unmatched in treatment wetlands expertise, Naturally Wallace Consulting (NWC) engineers work with the environment to treat unique and complex wastewater streams. With treatment wetlands and patented Forced-bed AerationTM technology at the core, we push the boundaries of 'ecological engineering' to design long-term solutions that combine the science of natural systems with advanced engineering practices.

  • Airport Deicing Systems

    Airport Deicing Systems

    The use of glycol- and acetate-based chemicals during airplane deicing creates a variety of environmental compliance challenges.  Deicing operations result in large quantities of contaminated runoff that is extremely variable in both flow and load.  NWC engineers have worked with facility managers at a number of airports around the world to solve this problem, including Heathrow Airport in London, and airports in Buffalo, New York and...

  • Mining Services

    Mining Services

    Mine closure often involves long-term water management issues.  NWC has been involved in the design of a number of treatment associated with old mine works.  These applications are quite diverse, and range from wetlands designed to remediate Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) from old coal works, to sulfate-reducing wetlands to remove heavy metals such as copper and nickel, and wetlands designed for cyanide removal at gold extraction facilities.