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  • Noise Consulting Services

  • Blast Noise Measurements Services

    Blast Noise Measurements Services

    Navcon Engineering Network has conducted numerous Blast Overpressure and Heat Flux measurement surveys for both commercial and military applications. The data is typically used to assess the suitability of containment shelters and personnel injury when subjected to extreme pressure waves and temperature gradients.

  • Space Craft Flight Vibration Problem

    Space Craft Flight Vibration Problem

    The Roton C-9 , the first fully reusable, single stage low orbit commercial space craft experienced a serious vibration problem in forward flight. Measured accelerations were 15 to 18 time greater than the maximum set be military specifications and about 6 times greater than a human can tolerate for a 1 hour period. Navcon Engineering was asked to determine the root cause of the vibration and develop appropriate mitigation measures.

  • Vibration Consulting Services

  • Automotive Idle Noise Services

    Automotive Idle Noise Services

    Navcon Engineering has provided consulting services for numerous auto manufacturers including Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Isuzu, Infinity, Mazda and Subaru. Services have included idle noise and vibration, steering wheel shimmy and shake, freeway hop, floor vibration, body flex, wind noise, wind leak, exhaust system & turbo noise, competitive road tests and chassis stiffness evaluations.

  • HESSI Modal Survey FEM Verification

    HESSI Modal Survey FEM Verification

    Navcon Engineering was contracted to conduct the modal survey of the High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (HESSI) spacecraft. The primary objective was to identify the damped natural frequencies, damping factors and mode shapes in the frequency band between 70 Hz. and 170 Hz. The test results were used to dynamicaly tune the finite element model. In addition to the modal survey, Navcon conducted linearity and transmissibility tests.

Services by SoundPLAN International LLC

  • SoundPLAN Help / Support

    SoundPLAN Help / Support

    For hotline support the local SoundPLAN trading partner where you purchased your SoundPLAN license is the primary help line. It is available in your area speaking your language and understanding the noise control concerns and practices in your country. When requesting hotline help, the easiest way is to go directly through SoundPLAN. In the SoundPLAN Manager under the menu topic HELP you find a topic 'Send Email...'. This e-mail will go directly to...