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  • EPC Solutions

  • Elec­tro­lytic Dis­in­fec­tion in Water­works

    Elec­tro­lytic Dis­in­fec­tion in Water­works

    In 2006, a new factory in a Russian water works was handed over ready for on-site production of 0.8% sodium hypochlorite. Newtec was in charge of planning of the factory including its building up to system delivery and commissioning (EPC). Since then, the plant operates around the clock; with a total generation capacity of 320 kg of active chlorine per hour, for the disinfection of 1,3 Mio. m3 of drinking water per day.

  • Legionella Control in Water Installations

    Legionella Control in Water Installations

    In 2009 a Spa Hotel (built in 1982) with 160 rooms in 4 floors was reconstructed against Legionella with a BlueBox after our planning and consultation. Both the hot water and the cold water is disinfected with electrolytic on-site produced sodium hypochlorite. Through the permanent low disinfection with 0.3 mg/L the problem of Legionella has been solved since then.

  • Process Water Treatment Services

    Process Water Treatment Services

    For a coal-fired power plant in China. Capacity: 2 x 1000MW. Process water: 3 x 200m3/h. Method: Pretreatment + ultrafiltration (UF) + reverse osmosis (RO).

Services by Saxlund International GmbH

  • Engineering Service

    Engineering Service

    We offer a similarity between this quotation by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and the work that we understand within the Saxlund International Group. We say ' it is Saxlund International's knowledge that moves problematic bulk materials.' With a number of patents and licences, we can offer well proven and economic solutions for trouble free material flow. The high quality of a Saxlund International installation is a result of the sum of its components, and...

  • Manufacturing Service

    Manufacturing Service

    We are aware that if we want to continue as a leader in the world-wide market place, we have to be flexible and also be in a position to react quickly to your demands and requests. Saxlund International invest highly skilled personnel who have at their fingertips the very best in computer based design, information technology and data transmission systems available today. It goes without saying that we pay particular attention to all environmental...

  • Installation & Commissioning Service

    Installation & Commissioning Service

    We recommend our experienced assembly personnel for the initial assembly, commissioning, maintenance, or repair of your plant. Through the commitment of our trained and efficient staff, your work will be carried out in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our specialists are readily available, competent, and flexible in all assemblies worldwide.Specialists will be working for you with highly expertise knowledge and safety consciousness, with...

  • After Sales Service

    After Sales Service

    Maintenance contracts are always offered to the client for both single machines as well as for complete systems to try to ensure that their asset will remain in service and function as designed for its design life or longer. Spare and wear parts are also dealt with as and when required with relevant costs and charges given to the client prior to the commencement of the works. The client is also obliged to follow the relevant instructions as given in...