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  • Quality Execution LIMS

    The demands on Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) have become more complex with time. The needs of the pharmaceutical Industry go beyond that of a traditional LIMS framework and have become more application focused. Novatek’s Quality Execution LIMS combines the functionality of a traditional LIMS system within a complete quality control system. With the addition of our Raw Material Analyzer, Finished Product Analyzer and Nova-Stability, Stability Management software the N

  • Nova Stability - Stability Management Software

    Nova Stability - Stability Management Software

    Nova-Stability enables pharmaceutical developers and manufacturing users to easily initiate and manage stability studies from the time the sample is placed into the program until the calculation of its shelf-life and beyond. Nova-Stability has a fully integrated statistical package that helps calculate shelf life in minutes providing a significant savings in time and labor. Its design takes into consideration the latest guidelines from the FDA, TPP, ICH...

  • Nova LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System

    Nova LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System

    Nova-LIMS is powerful and scalable laboratory information management system that captures and automates all laboratory information. Nova-LIMS is modular in design and built from a basic workload management framework with instrument interface. With the capability of interfacing with the Novatek suite of products, Nova-LIMS can expand to a full Quality Execution LIMS System with the addition of a dedicated environmental monitoring solution, stability...