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  • Buildings and Architecture Engineering Services

    Buildings and Architecture Engineering Services

    Our team of architects and engineers, landscape architects and urban planners has been successfully ensuring the efficient implementation of building projects at home and abroad on behalf of OBERMEYER for about 50 years. The holistic planning service provided by OBERMEYER is founded on the concerted, interdisciplinary cooperation between all the technical departments and the open discussions generated by the various project teams. Of particular...

  • Healthcare and Science Services

    Healthcare and Science Services

    Buildings for healthcare and science are subject to rigorous demands with regard to their architectural and technical standards. Continuous changes and further developments in health care as well as rapid technical advances call for maximum efficiency, flexibility and safety.Having carried out over 800 projects across the world, OBERMEYER has been successfully engaged in designing and advising on healthcare and science facilities for more than 50...

  • Civil Engineering Services

    Civil Engineering Services

    Engineering structures to the satisfaction of the customer, for the benefit  of the population and in accord with the environment and landscape.'Since the foundation of OBERMEYER, it is the company's objective to successfully meet the complex planning requirements in all specialist sectors of civil engineering.

  • Master Planning Services

    Master Planning Services

    The aim of an airport master plan is to obtain a sustainable, modularly viable plan for the airport as a whole. It is based on a preceding air traffic forecast and covers all relevant aspects such as airside areas, passenger terminals, cargo, technical infrastructure and landside traffic development. The airport master plan shows the specific area demand and enables short and long term extension and construction measures.

  • Water and Waste Management Services

    Water and Waste Management Services

    An intact environment is a basic necessity of life for this and future generations. Our planning in the field of water and waste management pursues the objective of conserving the quality of life and the environment. We also strive to bring man’s needs into accord with the preservation and reclamation of natural habitats.

  • Sewage Treatment Services

    Sewage Treatment Services

    Sewage treatment is primarily aimed at keeping our above-ground water courses and the groundwater clean. Against the background of the ever-tighter statutory regulations in respect of the efficiency of sewage treatment facilities and the need to save energy it will continue to be important to construction new facilities, as well as improve and rebuild existing facilities, in the future.

  • Sludge Treatment and Biogas Utilization Services

    Sludge Treatment and Biogas Utilization Services

    In large-scale treatment plants sewage sludge is almost exclusively treated anaerobically. By employing supplementary treatment stages such as pre-dewatering or sewage sludge disintegration it is possible to optimize construction and operating costs.The high-energy digester gas produced by the sludge digestion is usually used by OBERMEYER in power-heat coupling systems such as combined heat and power (CHP) plants, microgas turbines and fuel cells.

  • Waste Management Services

    Waste Management Services

    The goal of modern waste management is: avoid - recycle - dispose of waste.OBERMEYER has been engaged in the various aspects of waste management for over three decades. While initially the emphasis lay on the disposal of waste, planners very soon began to concentrate on separate waste collection. Today the overriding aim is to control material flows and save resources.

  • Site Development Service

    Site Development Service

    Site development planners are faced with the growing demand for land on the one hand and the aspiration for a sustainable, resource-saving husbanding of natural resources on the other.OBERMEYER regards traffic planning for roads and railways, the planning of technical infrastructure for media supply and disposal as well as the near-natural configuration and landscaping of open spaces and recreational areas as a whole.

  • Structural Engineering Services

    Structural Engineering Services

    The bearing structure gives a building its stability and ensures its serviceability throughout its service life. Our structural planning services are always attuned to the intended use of the building: efficiency, robustness and the opportunities for subsequent conversions are at the fore. The architectural design parameters are also decisive.Apart from the design of new structures, maintenance is assuming an increasingly important role....

  • Energetic Remediation Services

    Energetic Remediation Services

    The energetic remediation of existing buildings is one of the most important measures to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. However, it is not only necessary to create energetically improved building facades and to renew and improve the technical equipment. It is essential to create a holistic remediation concept which includes the building climate and building physics in order to prevent problems arising in other parts of the building caused...