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Phase One Inc.

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  • Site Screening Service

    Site Screening Service

    During the site selection process, let us help you steer clear of possible problems. We can provide radius searches of any size. Maps include: Wilderness Areas, Wildlife Preserves, Endangered Species, Historical Sites, Indian Religious Sites, Federal Lands, Wetlands, Floodplains, 24-Hour Site Selection Screen.

  • Consulting Service

    Consulting Service

    Our highly experienced professionals can help you through any crisis or environmental problem. If PHASE ONE INC. does not have the particular expertise required for your unique needs, we will utilize our network of affiliated qualified professionals. The following is a sample of the major areas that we can assist you with: Regulatory Agency Negotiations, Remedial Action Work Plan Preparation, Mitigation Research / Third Party Oversight, Cost...

  • Soil & Groungwater Invenstigation

    Soil & Groungwater Invenstigation

    The following are methods employed by PHASE ONE INC. to acquire information relating to the possible contamination of surface soils, subsurface soils, and groundwater: Hand Auger Borings and Sampling (for shallow depth sampling), Direct Push Borings and Sampling (for medium depth sampling), Drill Rig Borings and Sampling (for deeper sampling), Limited Access Drill Rig, Groundwater Sampling, Soil Gas Survey, Geophysical Survey.

  • Transaction Screen

    Transaction Screen

    The ASTM Standard E 1528 compliant Transaction Screen Report provides the necessary environmental due diligence for small loans on innocuous sites where the history of the site is well known for at least 60 years. The Transaction Screen may include the following: Site inspection with digital photo documentation, Underground tank agency record search and review, Review of a computer-generated, 1-mile radius regulatory agency database report with maps,...

  • Environmental Screen

    Environmental Screen

    The Environmental Screen, which is the perfect screening tool for large portfolios, may include the following: Computer-generated, 1-mile radius regulatory agency database search, report with maps, Review of one historical resource (best available), Interpretation of the database search & historical review, Letter report with backup documentation, Low, nationwide, fixed-cost.