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  • Plastic Fuel Systems

  • Blow Molded Fuel Systems

    Blow Molded Fuel Systems

    Blow-molded based plastic fuel system technology offers the perfect balance between safety, weight and cost for automotive fuel applications. The use of plastics for fuel systems allows for:

  • Multilayer Fuel Systems

    Multilayer Fuel Systems

    To reduce permeation levels and meet PZEV, LEVII or Japanese regulations, multilayer fuel systems tanks have been developed. The manufacturing process is called multi-layer extrusion or coextrusion 'COEX'. This process is especially used for the production of tank shells with barrier layers limiting hydrocarbon vapor emissions into the atmosphere. Coextrusion thus allows us to meet the increasingly strict requirements set up by environmental standards...

  • Model PZEV - Fuel Systems

    Model PZEV - Fuel Systems

    With environmental regulations, like PZEV, applying to an increasing number of vehicles on the North American market and rising end-user demand for non-polluting vehicles, the race is on to design and manufacture environmentally cost effective solutions. Currently, vehicles sold in the United States must meet «Tier II/LEV II» evaporative emission standards regarding hydrocarbon (HC). Tier II/LEV II standards, limiting evaporative emissions...

  • Model TSBM - Twin Sheet Blow-Molding System

    Model TSBM - Twin Sheet Blow-Molding System

    TSBM stands for Twin Sheet Blow-Molding. This patented process from Plastic Omnium combines the components integration possibilities of half-shell processes with the advantages of standard blow-molding process.

  • Blow Molded Plastic Pipe

    Blow Molded Plastic Pipe

    Blow-molded plastic pipe is a light weight cost effective solution for automotive fuel filling application. This technology provides large flexibility in design to address any particular vehicle configuration. Filler pipes can be blow-molded in 2 or 3 dimensions, with constant or variable diameter, with or without degassing and recirculation... It can accommodate most ways to fix the pipe to the tank: welding, using a rubber hose, fitting with a metal...