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  • Scrubber Repairs, Retrofits & Service

    Scrubber Repairs, Retrofits & Service

    We repair and refurbish all types of wet scrubbers. Our services include: corrosion removal/repair, instrumentation replacement/ tuning, pump maintenance/repair, equipment wash-outs, and more.

  • Onsite Inspections

    Onsite Inspections

    Whether for compliance with annual safety code requirements or to gauge the general condition of a system, we provide thorough, on-site inspections of all types of air pollution control equipment.

  • Ceramic Media Services

    Ceramic Media Services

    PolSys Services provides and installs new ceramic media to restore your system and improve your operation. We offer both Structured Media and Random Packed Media.

  • Used Air Pollution Control Systems

    Used Air Pollution Control Systems

    PolSys Services offers used air pollution and VOC control systems that we have refurbished and rebuilt. Our top-notch technical team has the expertise to modify and upgrade all types of existing air pollution abatement equipment including: straight thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers and catalytic oxidizers.

  • Rental Systems (Air Pollution Control)

    Rental Systems (Air Pollution Control)

    PolSys Services leases both rental oxidizer and rental particulate scrubber systems for circumstances in which purchasing new equipment is non-essential, but air pollution control is still required.

  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Service

    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Service

    Our experienced field engineers and technicians are expertly trained to repair and/or upgrade all makes and models of regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs). No one has more experience with ceramic media replacement and cleaning RTO media, which we do quickly and efficiently but also safely and reliably. We also repair burners, gas trains and valves; provide duct replacement and flow restrictions; and offer corrosion control and structural repairs.