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  • Wastewater Treatment

  • CSO/SSO Storage Tanks

    CSO/SSO Storage Tanks

    Combined sewer overflows (CSO’s) and sanitary sewer overflows (SSO’s) occur during major storm events due to a wastewater system’s design or infiltration into piping. Sewage system overflows can create serious health hazards and can endanger habitats, leading to closure of streams and recreation waterways. Preload tanks are the cost-effective solution to collect sewage system overflow and store the water until it can be reused or...

  • Wastewater Treatment Tanks

    Wastewater Treatment Tanks

    Preload tanks are proven to provide effective solutions for wastewater treatment including aerobic and anaerobic digesters, primary and secondary clarifiers, and sludge storage. Our wastewater treatment tanks are designed to incorporate the necessary structural components for the treatment process.

  • Reuse Storage Tank

    Reuse Storage Tank

    Water reuse continues to be an important step in the treatment process, particularly in geographic regions where water is scarce and rainfall is inconsistent to meet the demands of industries and residential customers. Reuse water is stored after the treatment process and is made available to businesses , to homeowners, to the agriculture industry for irrigation water, and to other industries for process and cooling water. Recycling water on site or...