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    Many companies are able to supply customers with good products. But it's the level of service that makes the difference. You can tell from the quality and range of services provided by ProMinent that we are a company that is genuinely on your side - in over 100 countries. What services does ProMinent provide? - We advise on all technical matters. We start up pumps and systems. We undertake maintenance and of course repairs.

  • Technical Support Services

    Technical Support Services

    When you need advice with ProMinent equipment, use of equipment or set up for specific applications, use the experience and knowledge of ProMinent's technical department. They have in depth factory training, know the products and can advise accordingly.

  • Commissioning Services

    Commissioning Services

    Make things easy for yourself and have the work carried out by ProMinent service technicians. Our technicians are factory trained on the equipment and can easily commission the equipment for you. All system parameters are documented, service report generated and operating staff can receive thorough training.

  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    To keep your equipment running smoothly, ask us about a service contract with preferable rates. We will do a site inventory / evaluation of your equipment and propose a service contact to keep things running through its service life.

  • Repair Services

    Repair Services

    Repairs are essential too. If performed swiftly and correctly, they cause no inconvenience. We are able and willing to do this for you. However, only cleaned parts can be repaired. The parts affected by this and the factors to be taken into account can be found in our Guideline...