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  • Generate Vacuum

  • Evac OnlineMax - Vacuum Collecting Units

    Evac OnlineMax - Vacuum Collecting Units

    The Evac OnlineMax is currently the most powerful and energy efficient vacuum collecting system on the market. The Max concept was specially designed as an energy efficient way to meet the continuously increasing demands for better vacuum capacity on large vessels. The OnlineMax pump offers significant long-term operational savings – the bigger the vessel, the bigger the financial benefit.

  • Evac OnlineFlex - Robust Mechanical Pump

    Evac OnlineFlex - Robust Mechanical Pump

    The OnlineFlex is a robust mechanical pump designed to create and maintain constant vacuum in a vacuum toilet system without the need for intermediate tanks.  The OnlineFlex was specially designed to increase installation flexibility without compromises.

  • Evac - Vacuum Tank Units

    Evac - Vacuum Tank Units

    Vacuum tanks are the original technology first used on board marine vessels. Vacuum tank systems consist of a vacuum tank (normally 1-6 m3 in capacity), vacuum pumps and sewage discharge pumps. Unlike the OnlineMax, for example, sewage is collected to the tank and discharged in batches. As with the OnlineMax, vacuum is created by special vacuum pumps but the vacuum tank also acts as a big vacuum buffer for the system.

  • Vacuum Interface Valves

  • Vacuum Interface Valves

    Vacuum Interface Valves

    Vacuum interface units are used when gravity based appliances such as wash basins, sinks and urinals are connected to a vacuum sewage system.  Vacuum interface valves are available in different standard or custom build versions with volumes from 2 up to 30 litres. The tank of the 2 litre unit is made of polypropylene where the tanks of the larger models are made of corrosion resistant steel AISI 316. All vacuum interface valves make use of...

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Evac - Black and Gray Water Treatment Plants

    Evac - Black and Gray Water Treatment Plants

    The Evac range of advanced waste water treatment plants and membrane bioreactor systems includes standard units for smaller installations as well as tailor made units for bigger installations, such as cruise liners. All our systems meet the most stringent effluent regulations, both today and in the future.  We also supply physicochemical waste water treatment plants for applications where space and weight are critical issues.

  • Other Products

  • Model QUA-VAC MDQ - Automated Dosing System

    Model QUA-VAC MDQ - Automated Dosing System

    Qua-Vac designed a unique dosing system for vacuum pipe lines to remove or prevent clogging caused by organic materials such as limestone. The system requires only a standard electrical plug connection and works fully automatic. Fluids are dosed into the pipe lines by using the vacuum. These two non-toxic and biologically degradable fluids either remove or prevent (depending on which fluid is used) blockages of an organic nature. This means our one...

  • Grease Separators

    Grease Separators

    Grease is normally very harmful in piping and grey water holding tanks, causing deposits and unpleasant odours.  It also causes problems in sewage treatment plants.  Grease can be separated from water with a grease separator.  Evac grease separators are designed to separate grease from galley waste water in marine use.  The Evac grease separator product range consists of three product families: