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  • Training Services

    Training Services

    Quality Systems International provides more than just software; we also provide professional services that are used to jump-start your system and to mold it to accommodate your most exacting needs and to ensure that WinLIMS.NET™ will be a valuable asset to your organization for years to come.

  • Implemenation Services

    Implemenation Services

    All levels of requirements and specifications; be they the development of core software, customized software or implementation of configurable items, follow the model shown in the following illustration. This approach associates various levels of requirements, specifications and development items to be properly documented and the response to each specification level is an equivalent testing (validation) and documentation of testing to ensure the...

  • Instrument Interfacing Services

    Instrument Interfacing Services

    One of the key ways to add efficiency and accuracy to your laboratory is by interfacing your instruments. The instruments that are used within laboratories range from simplistic 'dumb' instruments that simply output a number to instruments that include data management software that can communicate with external systems (such as WinLIMS.NET) in a bidirectional manner. The most important thing to know is that QSI has NEVER encountered an instrument that...

  • Consultation Services

    Consultation Services

    QSI provides consulting services to clients both prior and after installation. Consulting is carried out by QSI staff who are experienced and qualified in both the running and administration of modern day laboratories, and are well versed with the current utilization of computer technology within laboratories. The most common aspect of consulting is the defining of initial requirements for a new LIMS, or additional functionality for an existing...

  • System Integration Services

    System Integration Services

    Most companies today face increasing demand for system integration; the goal being to share data securely and immediately without duplication of effort or error. The most common system integration requirements for WinLIMS include the following.

  • Integrated Reporting Services

    Integrated Reporting Services

    QSI has a formal partnership with Business Objects which enables us to tightly integrate Crystal Reports and Business Objects with WinLIMS.NET™. In addition, QSI is an authorized distributor of the Crystal Reports and Business Objects products which allows QSI to supply you with the product as a part of your WinLIMS purchase.