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  • Timesheets


    Vehicle timesheet reports on the web, or delivered to your mailbox, Timesheets with vehicle activity logs are constantly updated and available for you on the internet at any time you need them. Daily or weekly timesheets can also be sent to you automatically by e-mail, greatly simplifying the tasks of payroll and job costing. Your workforce doesn't have to spend time filling them in, and you don't have to waste time checking the details.

  • Driving Style

    Driving Style

    The Quartix InfoPlus option includes a comprehensive range of reports and displays, helping you work with your mobile workforce to improve their driving, reducing their risk of accident and cutting fuel costs at the same time. The reports available range from the daily driver briefing to the league table of driving scores which calculates total fleet performance during any period of time. The driver briefing shows speeds and utilisation for the day,...

  • Management Information

    Management Information

    Performance dashboards put real-time business information at your fingertips. Available on the Internet from any location, they provide you with a snapshot of how your business is performing at any instant. The example shown opposite provides an analysis in percentage terms of which vehicles have been used so far today, which ones are active currently and which vehicles have not been used. It can be viewed from any browser and automatically updates...

  • Fleet Maintenence

    Fleet Maintenence

    Managing service schedules in a large fleet is an onerous task. The Quartix system helps to automate the process by letting you manage service schedules, vehicle inspections, insurance and tax, as well as allowing you to set custom milestones and reminders. To use this tool you simply enter the vehicle odometer reading and key milestones in the screen shown opposite (accessible through the configuration menu item). The Quartix system then accumulates...

  • Geofencing


    The Quartix system offers complete flexibility in setting up real-time alarms to inform you of unauthorised vehicle movements and other exceptions. The system allows you to set up a series of geographic zones together with the time-based rules of when vehicles should be inside or outside each zone.

  • Fuel Management

    Fuel Management

    FleetCheck links to mileage recorded by the Quartix tracking system to help you make significant savings on fuel. It also provides: Flexible integration of data from your fuelcard provider for a complete picture. Automatic allocation of fuel against vehicle/driver for accurate costing and MPG breakdown. A range of MPG analysis tools with exception reporting for easy identification of problem vehicles/drivers. Clear visibility of vehicle maintenance...

  • Driver Management

    Driver Management

    Driving is probably the most dangerous thing that you ask your staff to do. Road traffic law and health and safety regulations cover driving at work, and the legislation is very clear: as an employer you have a duty of care to safeguard your drivers, and the public who may be affected by their activities. Here’s how FleetCheck helps: Online driver risk assessments: a highly effective, proven risk reduction system for fleets. Assessment covers...