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  • Quiet Solutions - Sound Insulation Track System

    Quiet Solutions - Sound Insulation Track System

    Our unique user friendly plastic track makes it possible to create beautiful designs! The track is installed around the perimeter of any surface to accommodate our sound absorbing polyester felt. The final step is to cover with a fabric. The fabric is held firmly in place by the track’s jaws. The track system is installed onsite at any angle. Create a design and make a beautiful room!

  • Quiet Solutions - Sound Absorbing Felt

    Quiet Solutions - Sound Absorbing Felt

    Quiet solutions felt is made of 100% polyester specially developed by a credited acoustician. This felt is unique to absorb sound and reduces noise levels significantly. No flammability and less health risks than other absorbents on the market. As well as being environmentally friendly, our polyester sound absorption material is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic and safe for anyone coming into contact with it. Since it is 100% polyester...

  • Quiet Solutions - Sound Absorbing Fabric

    Quiet Solutions - Sound Absorbing Fabric

    We have purposely selected fabrics with a low airflow resistance to achieve the best results out of our acoustic felt. The biggest mistakes our competitors make, is using the fabric as the absorber with a high resistance stopping the flow into the absorption material. Choose from a large range of durable and beautiful fabrics. Choose colour and fabric texture from a broad range of fabrics. Samples can be sent upon request, or visit our showroom for a...

  • Quiet Solutions - Standardized Wall Panels

    Quiet Solutions - Standardized Wall Panels

    Quiet solutions offer modular, cost effective and flexible solutions for interior requirements. Quick to install, they can easily be taken down, reassembled and reupholstered to meet changing requirements. Importantly, the fabric can be changed as often as needed, in keeping with updated usage or design needs. Our panels can also be used as tack board, perfect for the office or in the class room.

  • Quiet Solutions - Acoustic Felt and Textile Panels

    Quiet Solutions - Acoustic Felt and Textile Panels

    Quiet Solutions acoustic felt and textile panels have been certified by sound testing laboratories, achieving an international performance standard confirming an effective reduction in reflective sound levels.

  • Quiet Solutions - Pyramid Diffuser

    Quiet Solutions - Pyramid Diffuser

    Our funky pyramid diffusers was custom made to cover and decorate walls at the A-list recording studio in St. They come in any color and can easily be mounted in different patterns on the wall. The diffuser will spread the sound in the room rather than absorbing it. Pyramid diffuser in a projekt for A-list recording studio.

  • Quiet-Solutions - Quiet Feet

    Quiet-Solutions - Quiet Feet

    Quiet feet is a unique piece of furniture paw for a good sound environment. They are designed to reduce the noise of the scraping sound of chairs in schools and kindergartens. Since chairs with Quiet Feet slides easily it avoids many heavy lifts and floors spared from scratches. Quiet feet is easily mounted on chairs with steel pipe legs – no tools needed! No original feet on the chair needs to be removed before installation.

  • Quiet Solutions - Solid Outdoor Material

    Quiet Solutions - Solid Outdoor Material

    In our outdoor material we use recycled glass as its core component, and by nature is sensitive to the environment. During manufacturing, the glass is processed to form expanded granules. Each granule acts as an acoustic absorber in its own right. The Solid material is imply maintained, constructed and VOC free.