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  • Materials Exchange Services

    Materials Exchange Services

    Have you ever thought 'Some of this stuff I need to dispose of might be useful to someone else?' Well, that is often true and we would like to help match up disposers and users. Here's how it works: Type of material. Quantity, size, or other specifications. When is it available - one time only or on a regular basis. Price if any, freight arrangements. Contact name, phone number, fax number. As this Web site is developed we should be able to list items....

  • Electronics Recycling Services

    Electronics Recycling Services

    Electronics waste - or 'E-waste' as it is now known - is becoming an increasingly problematic material for municipal waste handlers. Most electronic items contain metals, such as cadium and lead, that are toxic to the environment and should not be landfilled. In the Quinte area, electronics are now handled through our Hazardous Waste Collection system. Collection event dates and locations are listed here. Electronics are collected under contract and...