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    DeNOx catalysts are specially designed for treatment of emissions from chemical, petrochemical and semiconductor industry. Regeneration of these acatalysts cost-effective alternative to catalyst replacement in the form of catalyst regeneration, as well as a means to eliminate the costs and environmental concerns associated with disposing of deactivated catalyst as hazardous waste.

  • Catalyst REGENERATION - Regeneration Technology Of Nickel Catalysts

    Catalyst REGENERATION - Regeneration Technology Of Nickel Catalysts

    Ranido developed the universal method for in-situ reactivation and regeneration of sponge nickel catalysts in 2005. Since then, the know-how has been made available to our customers. The in-situ catalyst reactivation procedure can be applied in hydrogenation of various functional groups (e.g. aldehyde, nitrile, multiple C-C bonds, nitro group) or in a process of reductive amination. The catalyst reactivation procedure is simple and short and can be...

  • Catalyst R&D Services

    Catalyst R&D Services

    OUR R&D SERVICES Performance Evaluation For Performance tests we use Fixed-bed reactors: Pilot reactor with 1200ml volume Micro-reactor with 25ml volume Test-reactors up to 250ml volumes Temperature up to 550 °C Pressures up to 220 bar Fully automated, Running 7/24 Running 7/24 Equipped with on-line GC Automatic sampling collectors Analytical Services Our standard analytics comprise these mothods: GC, GC-MS LC, LC-MS ...

  • Custom Catalyst Manufacturing

    Custom Catalyst Manufacturing

    Ranido is one of the leading companies in custom catalysts manufacturing and toll manufacturing. We manufacture products for refinery, petrochemical and chemical industry. Many years of experience in catalysts research and a thorough know-how of catalyst production are the prerequisite of our business. 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE We have more then thirty years experience in production of catalysts and inorganics. FLEXIBILITY Broad variety of production...

  • Recyclation Services

    Recyclation Services

    Catalysts usually contain nonferrous and/or precious metals, therefore recovery of those metals or reactivation and recycle of the spent catalyst is significantly important. Ranido is offering catalyst recyclation services. If you are interested in catalyst recyclation please contact us and we will discuss possibilities of recyclation of your spent catalyst.

  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Why not contact us for a no-obligation discussion to see if our experienced technical team can offer any assistance. We have a strong record of developing successful, innovative and cost effective solutions. These can be off the shelf products, bespoke formulations or even just advice if no new product is needed. To discuss please use the contacts at the bottom of the page.