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  • Management Strategy & Systems

    Management Strategy & Systems

    The foundation of our management strategy is its proprietary process called Business Vision Alignment.™  In simple terms it is a process used to see eye to eye with executive business management on how EHS adds value to the business. Vision Alignment is particularly useful to determine business management’s key priorities, sensitivities and performance metrics. It is also worthwhile to determine if there are any major 'disconnects'...

  • Environmental Report Analysis

    Environmental Report Analysis

    The technique used by Richard MacLean & Associates to rigorously examine draft reports based on a three dimensional SPACE™ evaluation (Strategic Performance And Consistency Evaluation) which is then benchmarked against other global reports. Reporting today is sophisticated and it is necessary to 'peel away' the layers to get at the reality of: (1) how well a company is reporting relative to standards and industry peers; (2) how well the...

  • EHS Metrics & Accounting

    EHS Metrics & Accounting

    Metric Stakeholder Mapping is a proprietary methodology CE uses to map internal, company metrics against those tracked by external stakeholders (e.g., regulatory authorities, environmental activists, and Non Government Organizations [NGOs]) and those under current development by various organizations (e.g., trade associations, professional societies, academics, government agencies, and NGOs).  It is not what companies have traditionally tracked...

  • Strategic Alliances

    Strategic Alliances

    Benchmarking: Conducted scores of benchmarking programs for a variety of areas, most recently on EHS shared services organizational structure. In the process of doing this, established extensive contacts within industry, the media, NGO’s, and regulatory agencies, both domestically and internationally.