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  • Down-the-Hole Drilling Tools (DTH)

  • Rockmore - Model A Series - DTH Hammers

    Rockmore - Model A Series - DTH Hammers

    Rockmore’s A Series hammers feature component designs that demonstrate better performance and penetration rates suited to smaller compressors. The more efficient use of compressed air translates to lower air consumption, which leads to lower costs. The piston and wear sleeve components have been re-designed to increase airflow efficiency at lower air volumes for the hammer cycle. This modification has resulted in air consumption dropping to 962...

  • Rockmore - Model T Series - DTH Hammer

    Rockmore - Model T Series - DTH Hammer

    Rockmore’s T Series hammer class is a breakthrough in DTH drilling technology for mining, construction, and water-well applications. In addition to its ultra high performance features, the new T series design hammers are “tubeless” as they feature standard shank connections that no longer require plastic parts commonly known as Blow Tubes or Foot Valves. The elimination of this plastic part increases reliability while not...

  • Rockmore - Model ROK series - DTH Hammers

    Rockmore - Model ROK series - DTH Hammers

    Optimal energy transfer is essential to DTH drilling efficiency – how much compressed air power is transferred from the piston to the bit. That is why we have revolutionized air flow management in the new ROK series high-performance DTH hammers. Our patented SonicFlow technology minimizes backflow and turbulence, enabling the piston to hit the bit harder and with greater frequency. This means increased efficiency, more power, and faster...

  • Extension Drilling Tools

  • Vector - Rod System

    Vector - Rod System

    Rockmore’s Vector Rod System is a major breakthrough in improving the performance and service life of extension drill tools in surface and underground percussive drilling applications. The new XT thread design, developed exclusively for the Vector Rod System, incorporates revolutionary new guided cylindrical contact zones between the male and female thread joints. These guided surface features, located in the nose and rear of the thread...

  • Rockmore - Multipoint Carbide Inserts

    Rockmore - Multipoint Carbide Inserts

    The MultiPoint carbide insert design provides multiple strike points for more efficient rock fracture. Rockmore offers a range of carbide inserts, including the Multipoint carbide insert for button bits, combining higher hardness properties with longer-lasting performance to handle extreme, abrasive rock conditions. Extensive trials showed that Rockmore carbides last up to 20 percent longer than previous designs in water well and mining...