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  • SafeLane - Detection Services

    SafeLane - Detection Services

    With unremitting focus on the mitigation of risk – for over 30 years, in over 60 countries – SafeLane Global breathes new life into unsafe environments, and positively transforms communities and the lives of those living and working within them. Its work begins with the detection and identification of all forms of unexploded ordnance - on land and in water.  As an end-to-end service provider, clearance, mitigation, protection,...

  • SafeLane - Clearance Services

    SafeLane - Clearance Services

    SafeLane Global clears paths through unsafe environments – on land and in water – for more than 10,000 clients including oil, gas, mining and construction companies, and large supranational organisations. By clearing construction sites of unexploded ordnance, waterways of explosive remnants of war, and international lands of mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), SafeLane Global protects against the threats of harm and commercial...

  • SafeLane - Engineering Services

    SafeLane - Engineering Services

    SafeLane Global delivers land and marine technical engineering services for its 10,000+ clients in the UK, Germany and internationally.  Engineering services include technical diving work, demolitions, well drilling and combat engineering.  With unrivalled experience in the widest range of land and marine end environments, and with its in-house assets and capability, SafeLane Global can deploy rapidly to fulfil its commercial,...

  • SafeLane - Marine Operations Services

    SafeLane - Marine Operations Services

    SafeLane Global is trusted to create safer marine environments around the world. It delivers comprehensive offshore, nearshore and inshore unexploded ordnance consultancy, detection and clearance services for its commercial, humanitarian and governmental clients.  Additionally, it offers technical diving and marine engineering services, and has a large global network of ready-to-deploy assets and personnel.