Safimet spa

Safimet spa

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  • Recovering, Refining and Disposal Services

    Recovering, Refining and Disposal Services

    In order to turn waste into reusable raw materials and costs into wealth. Aiming at an efficient use of natural resources, water and energy. An experience which makes our planet a place to live in comfortably. Let’s take care of our future. Refining and inertization of ashes, dusts, slimes, sludges, bars, galvanic solutions, resins, scraps, catalysts, car catalytic converters and printed circuit boards (gold, silver, platinum, palladium,...

  • Laboratory Services

    Laboratory Services

    Science and Technology at the service of the maximum reliability and objectiveness of results. Classic, tested and experimented methods, and new instrumental methods (X-Ray and ICP) enable us to carry out precise and rigorous tests regarding the content of precious metals within analyzed materials (ingots, ashes, scrap waste, electronic material and much else besides). Such a working environment, provided with suitable control measures, enables our...