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SAICA Natur UK Services

  • Cardboard & Plastic Recycling Service

    Cardboard & Plastic Recycling Service

    SAICA Natur UK collects, processes and sells more than 440,000 tonnes of cardboard and plastic every year on behalf of its clients. Working with such large quantities gives us a clear advantage when negotiating in these markets. SAICA has full access to UK markets along with UK re-processing capacity within the group. We offer full and part load collections of both cardboard and plastic. If storage space is at a premium and you do not have your own...

  • Other Recycling Service

    Other Recycling Service

    Commercial recycling is not just about cardboard and plastics. With a network of services providers and recycling outlets across the UK we can provide you with sustainable options for many other products including. Food, Wood, Metals, Glass, Cans, Plastic Bottles, Coat Hangers, Plastic Cups, Paper, Newspapers and Magazines, Electrical Equipment, Green Waste, Toner Cartridges and others.

  • Food Recycling Service

    Food Recycling Service

    SAICA Natur UK has introduced several new services for recycling food waste. Food waste represents a significant proportion of the waste we throw away both at home and within the retail supply chain. It is estimated that UK households throw away as much as 8.3 million tonnes of food every year. Food (biodegradable) waste sent to landfill decomposes and produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. SAICA Natur UK can offer sustainable collection and...

  • Landfill Alternatives Service

    Landfill Alternatives Service

    As the cost of sending a tonne of waste to landfill continues to increase by a minimum of £8 every year until at least 2013 we all need to be thinking about alternatives. Technology is improving and the drive to reduce landfill is leading to major changes across the waste management industry. SAICA Natur UK is working hard to identify viable alternative outlets for residual waste as they become available. These may include Energy from Waste,...

  • Non Recyclables Service

    Non Recyclables Service

    Where alternative treatment for residual waste is not yet available SAICA Natur UK actively manages a network of service providers to offer the best possible rates for waste disposal. According to legislation all waste must be pre-treated before going to landfill and the majority of this residual waste will go through a materials recycling facility before final disposal.

  • Hazardous Waste Recycling Service

    Hazardous Waste Recycling Service

    A wide range of familiar items such as batteries, oils, waste electrical and electronic equipment and fluorescent light tubes can be classed as Hazardous or Special Wastes and are therefore subject to their own strict legislation and guidelines. These cover collection methods, transport and disposal options. We have a network of specialist partners across the UK who can offer collection services for the full range of hazardous wastes you may have. Our...