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  • Airport Bird Control

  • Premier - Model 2020 - System

    Premier - Model 2020 - System

    The Premier 2020 is the replacement for the well-established and long standing Digi-Scare and Premier 1500 systems. Scarecrow have now sold approaching 1000 of these various vehicle mounted systems to airports across the world.

  • Commercial Bird Control

  • Scarecrow - Model B.I.R.D - System

    Scarecrow - Model B.I.R.D - System

    The Scarecrow B.I.R.D. System uses natural species distress calls to create an environment appearing ‘hostile’ to birds. The system is intended for use where birds present a hazard to health and safety, or are a plain nuisance.

  • Scarecrow - Model 180/360 - System

    Scarecrow - Model 180/360 - System

    The integrated “standalone” bird dispersal system for use in a wide range of diverse locations. The Scarecrow 360° System comprises a standard Scarecrow 180°™, together with a Scarecrow 360°™ slave unit to provide the full 360° broadcast coverage and dispersal - a typical application would be centrally placed in a crop field. • Fully automatic, random play system • Able to work without human intervention • Includes additional features to...