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  • Spectrometers - Visiable Spectrophotometers

  • Spectrometers - UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

  • Model JK-UVS-759MC UV-VIS - UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

    Model JK-UVS-759MC UV-VIS - UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

    Wavelength Range(nm):190~1100. Wavelength MPE(nm):±0.5. Wavelength Repeatability(nm):≤0.2. Luminosity Range :0~200%    -0.301~3.000A  0.000~99999C. Transmissivity MPE(%): ±0.3; Transmissivity Repeatability(%): ≤0.15. Spectral Bandwidth(nm): 1.5±0.3. Stray light(%):0.05(220nm、360nm). Noise(%):100 noise≤0.15   0 noise≤0.1. Drift(A): ≤0.0007. Baseline...

  • Spectrometers - Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers

  • Chromatographs - Gas Chromatographs

  • Model JK-GCMS-II - Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometers

    Model JK-GCMS-II - Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometers

    As a high performance and sensitive analysis technique, Gas Chromatography/Mass spectrometry (GC/MS) is widely used in various areas such as environmental protection, food safety, pharmaceuticals, chemical analysis. It provides not only reliable qualitative data but also sensitive quantitative result even for trace level combination in complex matrices. GC/MS is becoming a routine analysis instrument in many laboratories....

  • Chromatographs - Liquid Chromatographs

  • Balances- Electronic Balances (0.1mg)

  • Model JK-EAB-3104NC - Electronic Balance

    Model JK-EAB-3104NC - Electronic Balance

    New structure and soft backlight LCD display,giving rise to easy operation and outstanding performance. Full-automatic detection function ensures operation at safety. Electromagnetic weighing sensor guarantees that products are weighed accurately. An external transformer is beneficial for accurate weighing and correct reading. Internal RS232 output interface enables to connect with computer,printer and other peripheral devices. With such applications...

  • Balances- Electronic Balances (1mg)

  • Electronic Balances (10mg)

  • Model JK-EB-B1003T - Electronic Balance

    Model JK-EB-B1003T - Electronic Balance

    Peeled weight, automatically calibrate, memory function and fault alarm.It is accurate, rapid,stable ,simple and easy to operate,can used for testing quality and quantity of substance in industry,business,school and scientific reasarch institution.The hull is made of metal and plasitc,pan is made of stainless steel.Digital display and LCD display.

  • Physical Instruments - Polarimeters

  • Model JK-AP-II - Automatic Polarimeter

    Model JK-AP-II - Automatic Polarimeter

    Use the incandescence lamp plus filter stand for sodium lamp in order to lengthen the service life of the light power (more than 2000 hours). Need not prewarm when turning on.Use the most advanced digital circuits and computer control technology.

  • Physical Instruments - Colorimeters

  • Model JK-LG - Laser Granulometer

    Model JK-LG - Laser Granulometer

    Compact in structure, small in volume and easy to operate. Automatic measurement control by computer based on Mie scattering theory. Widely used for laboratory analysis and quality control in the fields of materials, chemical industry, pharmacy, fine ceramics, paper-making, cosmetics and metallurgy with grain as production materials or intermediates.