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  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

    The Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer from Ship & Shore Environmental meets the most stringent air pollution abatement regulations. Let our team help your company to get in compliance and stay in compliance, improve efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gases and regulatory issues.

  • Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

    S&SE Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers destroy air pollutants emitted from process exhaust streams at temperatures ranging from 1000°-2200°F. A Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer utilize a combustion chamber with multi pass shell and tube type heat exchanger which is fabricated of heavy-duty stainless steel. Temperature, residence time, & turbulence are three important oxidization aspects considered regarding to achieve a high destruction...

  • Catalytic Oxidizers

    Catalytic Oxidizers

    S&SE offers many different types of VOC abatement systems including Catalytic Oxidizers. VOC destruction occurs by chemical reaction, typically a catalytic oxidizer will achieve destruction efficiencies of 95%-96% and operate between 500°F to 800°F. Higher destruction efficiencies may be achieved by adding more catalyst and may also result in operational fuel saving of 40-60%.

  • Steam Generating Thermal Oxidizers (SGTO)

    Steam Generating Thermal Oxidizers (SGTO)

    If your plant uses steam, hot water or hot oil for process heating and VOC abatement is a requirement, then Ship and Shore Environmental can help. We have designed a unique system that incorporates a thermal oxidizer and waste heat boiler into one unit, which can save you money and make your operation more efficient.  Ship and Shore Environmental offers a Steam Generating Thermal Oxidizer (SGTO) that is customized to meet your plant’s...

  • Concentrator / Adsorption Systems

    Concentrator / Adsorption Systems

    If your plant has large air flows with low VOC concentrations, then concentrators and adsorption systems may be the best solution to solve your pollution abatement challenges. They are very efficient and can help keep expenses low, because direct thermal or catalytic oxidation may result in high operating and capital costs.

  • Permanent Total Enclosures (PTEs)

    Permanent Total Enclosures (PTEs)

    Permanent Total Enclosures (PTEs) are a highly effective way to prevent fugitive process emissions from entering the atmosphere. By completely surrounding the emission source, the process emissions can be minimized and concentrated for more cost effective destruction in a VOC control device. PTEs can be effective for new or pre-existing systems and are used in a wide variety of applications especially when a toxic environment risks the health of your...

  • Condensing Economizers Systems

    Condensing Economizers Systems

    Condensing Economizers improve the thermal efficiency of boilers by cooling the exhaust gas below its dew point (about 135°F for combustion products of natural gas) and recovering the latent heat of water vapor through special designed heat exchanger units.