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  • Design and Engineering Services

    Design and Engineering Services

    On one hand, we strive to achieve standardisation in our production, whereas on the other hand, our project department develops special designs in line with requirements and produces new solutions as efficient as possible.

  • Laboratory Services

    Laboratory Services

    Our laboratory allows all kinds of tests about filterpress and belt filterpress applications to be carried out. As a result of these studies that allow us to make plant and application specific choices, design values such as minimum chemical consumption, optimum pressure and filtration time are worked out. Choices made in accordance with these results constitute our most important advantage in building plants with low operating costs and high...

  • After-Sale Services

    After-Sale Services

    We are aware that effective marketing and quality production are insufficient to win the client, and therefore take it as our liability to take the responsibility of the equipment we manufacture over their entire lifetime. Our department of after-sale services is established with the aim of reaching the customer in the shortest possible time and identifying the requirements on site.

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    To provide for the uninterrupted operation of our products, spare and wear parts are kept in stock as much as possible, whereas non-standard parts that cannot be regularly kept in stock are always given production priority when they are needed.

  • Sales Services

    Sales Services

    We are at your service with our laboratory and pilot plant applications, beside our experienced sales team for the accurate identification of your treatment needs.

  • Pilot Plant Applications Services

    Pilot Plant Applications Services

    Our products from many product groups ranging from screens to sludge dewatering equipments are kept in our factory, ready for fitting for pilot applications. We resort to our pilot plants with the purpose of data generation for various applications, as well as upon customer request.