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  • Sitelab - Test Equipment Rentals

    Sitelab - Test Equipment Rentals

    Rentals are easy and convenient. Perfect for short term projects! Includes calibrated analyzer, field case and all tools needed to prepare samples for analysis. Technical support by phone or email included. The UVF-3100D or TD-500D analyzers can be rented by the week or by the month. Purchase sample extraction kits and calibration kits as needed.

  • Laboratory Services

    Laboratory Services

    Need to test oil, soil, water or metal? Need TPH fingerprinting analysis to identify the type or age of petroleum in your samples? Send your samples to Sitelab's laboratory for quick and reliable test results.

  • Mobile Laboratory and Onsite Support

    Mobile Laboratory and Onsite Support

    Want to hire the experts?  No matter where the location, ask Sitelab about our on-site or mobile laboratory services.  Includes technician, equipment and all supplies needed for testing up to 40 samples a day. Rates: $1,200/Day plus travel expenses.

  • Oil on Metal Analysis

    Oil on Metal Analysis

    Need to test oil on metal or other surfaces? Send samples to Sitelab's laboratory for quick turnaround time and we'll test them using our UVF-3100D and TD-500D analyzers. Popular applications include testing medical parts, implants or other devices for residual oil before and after your cleaning process. Wipe samples can also be tested for TPH. Examples include testing surface wipes collected from pipelines, conduits or after sheet metal fabrication to...