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  • SpecGas - Calibration Gas Mixtures

    SpecGas - Calibration Gas Mixtures

    SpecGas Inc. manufactures calibration gases used to establish the accuracy of your measuring and testing equipment. Gas Chromatography instruments for example require custom gas mixtures for calibration. Hazardous gases can be a serious danger in the workplace and many organizations have installed fixed gas detectors as well as portable handheld gas detectors to ensure a safe working environment. We blend the calibration gas made specificity for...

  • Specgas - Disposable Calibration Gases

    Specgas - Disposable Calibration Gases

    SpecGas Inc., has the expertise and experience to provide stable low PPM & PPB concentration calibration mixtures of reactive, toxic, hydrocarbon, and atmospheric gases in various size disposable cylinders. Disposable gas cylinders are great delivery and storage solutions for smaller orders, clients that require shipping of our gas mixtures overseas and for field applications where the detection equipment is remotely based and your tester must...

  • Specgas - Specialty Gas Mixtures

    Specgas - Specialty Gas Mixtures

    Specialty gas mixtures are the cornerstone of SpecGas Inc.’s production capabilities. We produce stable high purity gas blends of reactive and toxic gases at low PPM & PPB levels. Major gas distributors ask us to blend multi component specialty gases for their clients. End users in many different industries ask us for specialty gas mixtures custom blended to their specifications. Need gas blending experts for a complex mixture? Some of the...