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  • Disposal - Positive Environmental Impact

    Disposal - Positive Environmental Impact

    Landfill Safe - SpillFix Industrial Organic Absorbent has been tested to the USEPA Leachate standards for landfill disposal (always confer with local authorities). Used SpillFix that has absorbed hydrocarbons can be used as a fuel source in energy producing incinerators.

  • Recycling


    Energy Source: Used SpillFix that contains hydrocarbon spills can be used as a fuel source for the production of energy. SpillFix will incinerate leaving zero residue. Paint Can Recycling: SpillFix can be used to clean out old paint cans and make them recyclable. The absorbed paint will be rendered harmless, and can be disposed of as solid waste that will not leach any toxins into the environment.

  • Consistent Quality and Supply

    Consistent Quality and Supply

    With ownership of the production facilities and 20 years expertise in supply chain management throughout Asia and western markets, we are able to guarantee consistent quality and continuous supply of SpillFix products.