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  • Parts & Service

    Parts & Service

    SSI Shredding Systems provides innovative engineered designs, superior quality manufacturing and expert service for the industrial shredder and compaction industry worldwide. At SSI, your long-term satisfaction is extremely important to us. Superior quality components, on-site diagnostics and factory technicians available 24 hours a day are just a few reasons why SSI has become the industry standard in shredder parts and service.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    SSI supports every shredder it sells for life. Since each machine has been configured to suit the needs of its owner, each one is unique. Like a personal medical history, detailed records are kept on every shredder we build.

  • Cutter Rebuilds Services

    Cutter Rebuilds Services

    As a shredder is used it gradually wears down cutters and, over time, its shearing efficiency diminishes. The obvious solution is to periodically replace the cutters with new ones. SSI offers a cost effective alternative: rebuilt cutters. Experience has shown that rebuilt cutters actually last longer than the original because of the additional hardness.

  • SSI - Shredder Buy-Back Program

    SSI - Shredder Buy-Back Program

    Have your shredding needs changed? Do you need to upgrade your current shredder? Every shredder that SSI produces has a proven track record of high performance and reliability. Should you require a new or different shredding solution, please let us know. SSI will offer to buy it back!